Wrap-Around Families

Do you have a heart for children in need?  

Join a Wrap Around Team that supports local foster families.

Join the fam! 

We are so grateful that our foster families have stepped up to help a child facing a difficult situation.  Many of us have a huge heart for foster children, but not everyone is able to be a foster parent. But don’t let that stop you from being involved. You can be a blessing to foster kids and their foster parents by becoming a part of a Wrap Around Team.  These teams surround and give support to foster families so they can continue to serve the children in their homes. 

Each team will consist of four roles:

Team Leader
  • This position plays a vital role in the success of the overall group. This person needs to be a prayer warrior as well as administratively gifted. Majority of these tasks can be done through phone calls or emails. Responsibilities include, 
  • Organizes the group and checks in on the foster family at least once per week.
  • Sends reminders of duties to the team while coordinating and communicating prayer support. 
Family Helpers
  • Each foster family would need at least four of these (preferably more!)  They would commit to do one act of service one time per month. We hope to have enough volunteers to bring a meal to the foster family weekly, but this volunteer would only be asked to do one act of service per month.
  • An act of service might be to bring a meal to them once per month, or to come help with a household chore such as mowing, laundry or whatever the gifting of the volunteer might be. 
  • These acts of service would all be scheduled in advance on a team calendar so you could sign up for the date and service that suits you best.
Interim Care Giver 
  • Each group would need at least one of these. In order to provide overnight care for the child or just an evening outing the care giver must be licensed.
  • They would need to be babysitter licensed through the foster parent’s agency
  • We routinely hold licensing events for this particular license. For more info about the licensing event, please see beltway.org/abilenecares. 
Child Mentor 
  • This person works like a big brother/big sister person in the child’s life. Responsibilities include:
  • Volunteer would agree to meet at least once per month with the child, but hopefully more often. 
  • Would spend one on one time with the child, possibly take them to appointments to help assist the foster parent.
  • To serve in this role, the person will also need to be licensed by the foster parent’s licensing agency.
Do you want to be on a wrap-around team that supports foster parents? Please click here.