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09/20/20 Latest message
Fear Not

The fear of the Lord frees us from fear (Psalm 115:11). The fear of the Lord is the stone that takes down the giant of fear in our lives and empowers our destiny. To fear the Lord means we know deep within that God is able to handle things. It means we are in utter awe and amazement of Him, that we are intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically overwhelmed by His grandeur and majesty. The fear the Lord comes when we behold and meditate on the vastness, intricacies, and complexities of creation. It comes when we look at all the prophecies of Jesus and the statistical probabilities of all of them being fulfilled in Him. And it comes when we see and embrace all that Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. The truth is that we are going to fear something. What we truly fear – whether it is the Lord or the what if’s of our circumstances – will determine the direction of our life.

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This fall we are kicking off a six-week, church-wide spiritual growth series called “Five Stones.”  Together we will dive into five spiritual giants people often face and need to conquer, including fear, rejection, and addiction. This is something you don’t want to miss or experience alone! 

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