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We will not be gathering at either Beltway campus for weekend services for November 22 & 29, and instead will move to online services only.  Please tune in on any of the Beltway Park Church LIVE streaming platforms (Sunday mornings at 9:00am or 10:45am CST). 
11/22/20 Latest message
Financial Peace

Lose track of your money and lose your peace (Matthew 25:14-19). The opposite is also true: keep track of your money and find your peace. We make the mistake, however, thinking that financial peace comes from simply having a little bit more. When this is our mindset, unfortunately, there is no amount that equalsenough. Did you know there are broke millionaires as well as millionaires who are just as stressed about where their finances “went” as everyone else? Financial peace doesn’t come from having more, but rather knowing where our money is and stewarding it well. When we lose track of our money, we lose our peace.

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Each person is in a different place in their spiritual journey. Our passion is to be a life-giving church where people can connect with Jesus and discover their next step with Him.

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