2030 Vision

2030 Vision

The Elders believe that God is positioning Beltway Park Church to help transform our community by the year 2030 in the following ways:

Spreading the Good News

  • Helping 4,000 people take their first steps with Jesus and go public with their faith through baptism over the next ten years.  

Expanding our Kingdom impact

  • Raising up future pastors and leaders through a ministry school and/or a church-planting residency.
  • Planting or supporting the development of five Gospel-centered, Spirit-filled, presence-based churches in the extended Big Country region.

Addressing the needs of the poor and underprivileged 

  • Opening safe, Christ-centered daycares that provide excellent experiences for kids while also equipping and resourcing their parents.
  • Ensuring loving, stable homes for every kid who needs it by partnering with and equipping other local churches to meet every foster care need in our community.
  • Providing Christ-centered counseling services for children and teens.