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Birth - 5th Grade

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North Campus Staff

I was born and raised in the great metropolis that is Lubbock, Texas. In 2003, in February of my junior year of high school, my family moved to Abilene. Yes, if you’re curious, that is not the easiest time to move from a private school you’ve gone to since Kindergarten into a public school that had as many kids per grade as the entire school I came from.

My first Sunday at Beltway, my family went out to lunch with another family in our church, and I left that lunch pretty enamored with the girl who sat across from me during lunch. A few months later, we started dating, and got married in 2006. My wife Sarah grew up at Beltway since she was in middle school. We’ve been around this community for a long time! It has shaped us, encouraged us, challenged us, built us up, and pushed us further when we needed it. Sarah is incredibly talented and creative. She works for a construction company in town and runs a floral business in her spare time. When people ask me who does the handiwork around our house…it is Sarah.

In 2011, our lives were pretty radically changed with the birth of our first little girl Berkley Grace. Then in 2013 our lives were changed even more with our second little girl Ellie Katherine. Every night when we put these two beauties to bed we pray the same thing over them: First, that they would love the Lord with all they are, and second, that they would change the world. 

I started working at Beltway in 2007. I have held multiple jobs around here. I was a part of our student ministry for about a decade, and then I became our College Pastor in late 2016. I am now our Campus Pastor at the North Campus. 

One of the things that I am most passionate about in ministry is helping people realize how the Lord sees them. As a creator who made them intentional and with a purpose. As a protector who wants to be there to guard them. As a Father who wants to be “Abba” to them. As a savior who wants to spend eternity with them. As a healer who wants to heal both the physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds for them. As a connector who wants to see them connected to the community that is the local church. This list could go on and on and on, because we serve such an amazing, faithful, and kind Lord!

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Geoffrey Turner

North Campus Pastor

I’m so thankful to be part of the Beltway Park Church family!  I love being a part of a healthy church that desires to share the love of Jesus with the people of the Abilene area and the world.  

When I was a kid, my family moved about every 5 years because of new job opportunities for my parents.  I experienced a lot of change during my childhood  (different churches, different schools and different friends).  I graduated high school in Monahans, Texas and chose to attend Hardin-Simmons University for my undergraduate degree in the year 2000.  Immediately I connected with Beltway Park when we were just in the little chapel of the South Campus.  At that time, our college group met across the street in the band hall of Wylie Schools.  It’s been a blast to be part of the growth over the years.

HSU and Beltway Park Church have both been a huge part of my life.  I met my amazing wife, Ashlee, at HSU and we were married in 2004 in Logsdon Chapel.  I met lifelong, incredible friends while in college.  After graduation from HSU, I started working for the school and pursuing my Masters of Divinity at Logsdon Seminary while my wife pursued her Masters in Counseling and Human Development.  I worked in higher education for almost a decade and we both completed our degrees.  

Then God fulfilled a promise that he gave me a couple years earlier when he said “I’m not done with you at Beltway yet.”  I didn’t know what that meant at the time but my family knew that we were supposed to stay in Abilene and keep serving with our church even though we felt ready then for a change.  Two years later, Beltway Park “randomly” called me and offered me a position as a Groups pastor.  God has been so faithful all along the way, even when we didn’t understand His timing or reasons in the waiting.

Ashlee and I have experienced so much in this community.  When life has brought us both joy and pain, Jesus became more real with every step of the way and Beltway Park has been an integral part of pointing us to Jesus.  We struggled with years of infertility.  We have struggled with our marriage.  We have struggled with our identity and purpose.  But because of our time in Abilene and because of Beltway Park Church, we have also experienced freedom in Christ.  We have learned what it is to rely on Jesus.  We have experienced hope and what it is to have a friend in Jesus.  We’ve had two miracle sons (Kress and Mayes) while being here.  We’ve learned to love each other like Christ loves.  We’ve learned to love others, including our enemies.  We’ve learned how to serve like Jesus.  

We are still learning and growing and now, so are our boys.  I love getting to see and hear how they are worshipping Jesus and learning in Beltway Kids.  I honestly don’t even like to think about what life would have been like for us without what Jesus has given us in friends and experiences in this community.  I now am honored to serve as the Weekend Services Pastor for both campuses.  I love this church!  I love the opportunities for missions and outreach that it provides to me and my family!  And I look forward to see what Jesus is going to do, in the days to come, with this group of people!  

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Ben Johnson

Weekend Services Pastor

I was born and raised right here in Abilene, TX. I grew up going to church, but it wasn’t until May 2007, at a youth camp in South Padre Island, TX, that the Lord graciously opened my eyes and heart to Him, and I have been pursuing Him ever since.

I originally started serving at Beltway Park as a college freshman in 2009 on the Youth Ministry worship team. Soon afterwards, I began an internship under the Worship Department, and in 2011 I joined the staff as an A/V Tech.

In June 2013, I married my incredible wife Mandy, and we quickly moved to the Dallas-area as I began to serve as a Worship Pastor in Forney, TX. Then, in August 2014, Mandy and I moved back to Abilene, and I once again started volunteering with Beltway’s Youth Ministry worship team.

Then in August 2016, I joined the Beltway Park staff as the North Campus Student Pastor. It is my utmost hope and prayer that every student in this city would come to know and be transformed by the love, grace, and abundant life found in Jesus.

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Braden Collum

North Campus Student Pastor & Graphic Designer

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and then moved to Abilene to attend Abilene Christian University in 2014. It was in my time at ACU that the Lord led me to Beltway, and it didn’t take long for me to feel like I was finally home. During my college years I was a part of College Park where the Lord changed me forever. It was at College Park where I knew I felt the Lord’s call to ministry, and that the Lord began to change my heart to see Jesus and his people in a completely new way.

As a requirement to graduate, I needed to find an internship in ministry. After much prayer (and in a huge step of faith) I accepted an internship in Salt Lake City, Utah with The North American Mission Board. That summer took everything I experienced in College Park and grew it. While in Utah I was honored to hear and learn from not only church planters, but also countless believers who live their lives on mission every day whether they be at the grocery store, the office, or seeing extended family. This lifestyle was a necessity for all believers there because the city is the most lost metropolitan area in this country! My time there confirmed my call to ministry, and deepened my desire to chase after the heart of Jesus and his people.

Although I loved hearing and learning from the Christian community in Utah, what left the biggest impact on me was each encounter with someone who didn’t know the real Jesus. My heart hurt like it never did before when I would talk to people who didn’t know Jesus and the victory we have in his death and resurrection. At the same time, it showed me the overwhelming hope I have in my savior. As I left Utah to go home it was the first time in my entire life that my relationship with Jesus was completely sufficient for me. There was nothing else I needed, nor was there anything else I desired as much as him.

As the summer came to a close I traded a full work day for a full class schedule, and I traded the mountain views for the Abilene skyline. Everything around me changed, but my heart for the lost remained. Immediately following my time in Utah an opportunity to work at Beltway emerged and I jumped on it! I started on staff here at Beltway in January of 2018 as an administrative assistant where I worked with the North Campus Worship Teams, and Communication Pastor while I was still in school. I graduated from ACU in May of 2018 with bachelor degrees in Communications and Biblical Studies. Most recently, I transitioned into the role of Local Outreach Pastor in October of 2018.

My heart is for Abilene and the Big Country to be saturated with the message of Jesus and the power of his work on the cross. I desire to help Beltway Park usher in the kingdom into our city more and more as we live out The Great Commission each day.

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Braden Crow

Local Outreach Pastor & Research Associate for the Lead Pastor

Brianna Brewer

North Campus Elementary Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in San Antonio and moved to Abilene in 2003 to attend ACU.  Holy Spirit came into my life at the age of 14 when I started following Jesus and I’ve been amazed at God’s goodness ever since.  I spent my post-college years working as a high school teacher and soccer coach, and was privileged to see God move in my students’ lives!

My deepest desire is to see believers cherish Jesus in every part and season of their lives. He is the Supreme source of everything that is good; the most satisfying thing in the universe.  He is God. He is joy. He is Eternal Life…and He loves us deeply!  I believe that once we get this love for Him inside of us, and then give it away to one another, that the world will be changed!

I was blessed to be part of College Park from 2004-2011 and to see a great move of God among college students.  I am confident that God still desires this and am passionate about seeing Him move in your life.

My wife, Haylee, is an amazing, wise woman that loves God with purity and integrity.  We are blessed to have two beautiful daughters that are our treasures.  We believe they will be Jesus-loving women, full of Holy Spirit and will do great things!

I believe this time of your life is an incredible opportunity to draw near to God and know Him in ways that will bless you for the rest of your life!  Let’s receive all He has for us together, and then let’s go change the world!

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Byron Rogers

College Pastor

Courtney Todd

Administrative Assistant - Communication & North Campus Groups / Guest Services

I was born and raised in Austin, TX and come from a Christian background. I became a follower of Jesus February of 2013 and graduated from Stony Point High School in 2013. That summer I moved to Abilene and I started school at Abilene Christian University as a Nursing major. I quickly got involved in a freshman Life Group and started serving in the college ministry. I plugged myself into any ministry I could and have now been a part of this church for 5 years!

After 2 years I took a break from school, spent a summer in Austin, then started working here at Beltway North August of 2015. I was searching for “more” and God quickly answered that prayer and brought me back to Abilene! During my second year on staff I decided to go back to school and I am now a full time ministry major at Hardin-Simmons University.

I am passionate about this generation of college students and I’m excited I get to continue to be a part of this ministry. My heart desires to see more and more young people know Jesus intimately, know who they are in Christ and share that life with others. I believe that when we truly know Jesus, it’ll impact our lives as well as others’ lives in more ways than we can imagine. I’m honored to be a part of this ministry with you all!

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Hanna Espinoza

Administrative Assistant - College Park and BSM North

Jan Russell

Administrative Assistant - North Campus Pastor

I am a St. Louis, Mo. native (Go Cardinals!) but have lived in Texas long enough to call it home (Go Spurs!). I went to college at Texas A&M and received a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a fancy way of saying I can teach children. However, I spent 11 years away from that field, chasing some music dreams. I returned to my teaching roots back in November of 2014 when I became the Early Childhood Pastor at our South Campus and most recently, in November of 2016, I took the Elementary Pastor position of our North Campus.

I eagerly look forward to seeing what God does with the kids at Beltway! He is for them, loves them, and wants to reveal all He has for their life! 

For reasons I’m still searching for, my beautiful wife, Morgan, said she’d be mine in 2006. We have 3 children (so far) and can’t wait to see their gifts used for the Kingdom of God!

I am a sports fanatic, music junkie, and Netflix user who is still learning daily about who God is and how He made me to impact His people in this world.

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Josh Fenoglio

North Campus Elementary Pastor

I was born and raised in Oklahoma panhandle, also known as, No Man’s Land.  We moved to Abilene in 2007 and my husband, Brad, and I were so excited to move to a place with trees.. even though they’re mesquite! The hardest part of moving to Texas was adjusting to the word “y’all”.  

I have served in many areas of Children’s Ministry since 2008.  Children have always been a big part of my life, but when this position was offered to me in December of 2016 my initial reaction was, “Really, Lord? Me??”.  Since then God has shown me every day how powerful He is and that even when I think I’m not enough, His plan always comes through.  I love Early Childhood ministry because we have the opportunity to partner with parents and play a vital role of establishing a foundation for a relationship with Jesus at an early age. 

We have made our home in Clyde, Texas with our kiddos and love being a part of the Beltway North family! Some of my favorite things include fast cars, leopard print, classic country music, anything orange, baseball, and glitter. When I’m not at the church, my family and I are enjoying road trips, concerts, and occasional trips to the ER (thanks to my husbands never ending church league softball career).

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Kayla Grogan

North Campus Early Childhood & CDC Pastor

Lucas West

North Campus Worship Pastor

I was born in Sedalia, Missouri, but from the ages of 3 to 18, I lived in Fort Worth, TX. Upon graduating high school, I attended Abilene Christian University from 1997-2002. There I graduated with a degree in Youth and Family Ministry. After a year working at Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Abilene, I moved back to Fort Worth where I worked for six years as a campus minister, teacher and coach at a private Christian school.

I am confident that the Lord has a sense of humor, as after leaving Abilene, I never saw myself returning. However, in 2009, the Lord called me back to work at my alma mater, ACU. For 8 years, I worked in various roles in Student Life; Chapel, Social Clubs, Sing Song and Intramurals. In the spring of 2017, I received a surprising phone call from one of the pastors at Beltway Park; offering me the opportunity to work here. So, in May of 2017, I began working as the Local Outreach Pastor at Beltway. In December of 2017, my role changed to the role I am in currently; Groups and Guest Services Pastor at our North Campus.

My beautiful wife Angela and I were married in 2004. She is my best friend; the one I confide in day after day. We have 2 children, Jayden and Laney. These two have brought unbelievable joy to our lives. I am truly grateful that my children get to grow up at Beltway Park. It thrills my heart to know that they are being taught the Word, they are encouraged to worship Jesus and shown how to love others, just like God loves each of us.

For those who know me, they know that I have never met a stranger. My heart’s desire is for it to become increasingly difficult for people to live in Abilene and the Big Country and not hear about who Jesus is. I am so thankful that I get to work and serve at Beltway Park!

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Mark Jackson

North Campus Groups & Guest Services Pastor