Beltway Kids Camp



JUNE 8 - 12
Bonita Park, NM (near Ruidoso)
COST: $270.00 ($100 non-refundable deposit)

Registration opens soon!


(Please label everything!!) 

1.        Sack lunch for trip to Bonita on Monday

2.        Sleeping bag or twin sheets and pillow

3.        One suitcase per child with clothing for 5 days:

* Shorts must be vertical credit card length above the knee (school dress code)

* Jeans, Sweatshirt, Jacket (in case it gets cool in evenings)

* Tennis shoes (NO SANDALS/FLIP FLOPS)

* Swimsuit (girls - no 2 pieces.) (If you have a 2 piece, you will be required to wear a dark t-shirt over it.

* It is helpful to pack each day’s clothing (including socks and underwear) in individual zip lock bags that are labeled for that day.

* 5th graders:  bring one extra set of clothes and shoes that you can part with (for  color war).

4.        Other personal items:

* Two towels, Toiletries, Chapstick

* Sunscreen, Bug spray, Flashlight, Camera

* No curling irons

5.        Bible, journal or notepad, pen or pencil

6.        Minimal amount of spending money…we recommend no more than $20 for the week (kids have the opportunity to go to a small gift shop for souvenirs).

7.        Medications to be given to our Camp Nurses

* Medicines labeled in baggies. 

* Send just enough for the week if possible. 

* Please separate medications for Monday’s bus trip from the rest of the week’s supplies.

8.        Calling card (if you want your child to call home).  In order to make best use of our time, we ask that calls be limited during the week.  Please teach your child how to use their calling card before they go to camp.

9.        Snacks in cabins are not allowed by Bonita Park staff! 

* Kids will be encouraged to eat good meals (and drink plenty of water due to altitude) at mealtime. 

* Snacks will be provided after every evening service

10.    No shaving cream, etc. for pranks!!

11.     We will have Dramamine available for the bus trip, in case we have anyone who deals with motion sickness.