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June 7-11

Registration is Closed! 


When is Kids Camp?

Camp dates are June 7-11. 

Where is Kids Camp?

We will be traveling to Bonita Park near Ruidoso, NM!  See more about Bonita Park

What is the cost?

Camp is $275 per camper. Registration requires a $100 non-refundable deposit to be complete.  You may pay this when registering, and then just pay the balance ($175) before we leave for camp!  We also have some great discounts for those coming as a counselor. If you're interested, make sure to ask one of us! 

What ages go to Kids Camp?

We take students who have completed 2nd-5th grades (Spring 2021). 

Can I apply to be a counselor?

We take our own team of counselors to camp - and would love to talk with you about going if you're interested!  You don't have to be a member of Beltway Park.  You can click on the registration link and choose Counselor Application.  This will lead to an interview with one of our Children's Pastors, where we'll get to know you, run a background check, and help you understand what it looks like to be a counselor! 

Is space limited at Kids Camp this year?

There are some limitations that we'll have to navigate, but we believe that we'll be able to take a great group to Kids Camp this year! Capacity limits are part of the system that New Mexico has in place, and currently Lincoln County (Bonita Park's location) is in a good place.  That being said - don't wait to register!! 

What about COVID?

We are in communication with Bonita Park and monitoring the guidelines that are in place in New Mexico as we make our plans.  We will do our best to be honoring as we go to camp, but also believe that we'll be able to have reasonable expectations in place regarding these guidelines.  You can see some of the specifics below.

Will we have to wear masks everywhere?

The short answer is no. However, there will be certain times and locations where our group will wear masks in order to love and honor the Bonita Park Staff who are trying to stay at work this summer!  Again, these guidelines are subject to change-however at this point, we believe those specific times will be in the dinning hall, meal lines, gift shop, and when being connected to a harness at certain activities like the rock wall or zip-line facilitated by Bonita Park Staff.  We want to honor and love Bonita Park well, and wearing a mask at these times will be a great way to do so.  We are also working on a plan to provide neck gaiters for everyone this year as part of camp, which will be easier to keep track of and easily pulled up when needed.

What will it be like on the bus this year? 

We will not be requiring masks to be worn on the bus.  We will have everyone keep their same seats on the trip, like we have typically done. 

What if my child has symptoms? Will they have to be tested? 

We are going to work together to keep our kids and counselors safe at camp.  We also want to be as reasonable as we can be in this effort.  Not every symptom will equal a COVID test, and our medical team will take all factors into consideration as they treat anyone not feeling well.  If enough symptoms are present to give our medical team reason to believe that a COVID test is appropriate, we will contact parents first.  If you would prefer not to have your child tested, we'll ask you to come and get them from camp, as we will not have an alternative answer for those symptoms.  If a child tests positive for COVID, parents will need to come and pick them up as soon as possible.  We do apologize for any inconvenience this presents.  If the COVID test is negative, we will continue to care for the child at camp in efforts to help them return to their fun camp experience as soon as possible! 

Will my child have to quarantine at camp?  

We do no believe there is a high likelihood of COVID at camp.  However, we will have some things in place with our medical team there.  We will not be quarantining at camp.  If someone tests positive for COVID, they will need to be picked up to come home ASAP.  Parents of those in direct contact with someone testing positive will be notified, but no further action taken unless parents want to come and get them.

*Please note that we have done this in the past with other sicknesses that could not be resolved while at camp, and this is consistent with our desire to help everyone have the best camp experience possible! 

Bonita Park, NM (near Ruidoso)
COST: $275.00 ($100 non-refundable deposit with registration)
Fundraising available! 


(Please label everything!!) 

1.  Sack lunch for trip to Bonita on Monday

2.  Sleeping bag or twin sheets and pillow

3.  One suitcase per child with clothing for 5 days:

       * Shorts must be vertical credit card length above the knee (school dress code)

       * Jeans, Sweatshirt, Jacket (in case it gets cool in evenings)

       * Tennis shoes (NO SANDALS/FLIP FLOPS)

       * Swimsuit (Girls - NO 2-piece; if you bring a 2-piece, you will be required to wear a dark t-shirt over it)

       * It's helpful to pack each day’s clothing (w/socks & underwear) in individual zip-lock bags labeled for that day.

       * 5th Graders:  Bring one extra set of clothes & shoes that you can part with (for color war).

4.  Other personal items:

       * Two towels, toiletries, chapstick

       * Sunscreen, bug spray, flashlight, camera

       * NO curling irons

5.  Bible, journal or notepad, pen or pencil

6.  Minimal amount of spending money; we recommend no more than $20 for the week (kids have the opportunity to go to a small gift shop for souvenirs).

7.  Medications to be given to our Camp Nurses

       * Medicines labeled in baggies. 

       * Send just enough for the week if possible. 

       * Please separate medications for Monday’s bus trip from the rest of the week’s supplies.

8.  Calling card (if you want your child to call home).  In order to make best use of our time, we ask that calls be limited during the week.  Please teach your child how to use their calling card before they go to camp.

9.  Snacks in cabins are NOT allowed by Bonita Park staff! 

       * Kids will be encouraged to eat good meals (and drink plenty of water due to altitude) at mealtime. 

       * Snacks will be provided after every evening service.

10.  No shaving cream, etc. for pranks!!

11.  We will have Dramamine available for the bus trip in case we have anyone who deals with motion sickness.