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Sunday 9:00am

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Beltway Kids

Sunday 9:00am
8wks - 5th Grade

Sunday 10:45am
8wks - 5th Grade

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Beltway Students 

Middle School:

Service | Wednesday | 6:15pm - 7:45pm

Groups | Sunday | 9:00am - 10:15am

High School:

Service | Wednesday | 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Groups | Wednesday | 8:30pm - 9:15pm

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South Campus Staff

What an honor and a joy it is to serve Beltway Park as Executive Pastor.  Having served previously as a Children’s Pastor in Lubbock, God led us in 2003 to move to Abilene and to serve this growing Body of Christ called Beltway Park and I can assure you it’s been a tremendous blessing to be a part of this church family.

I grew up in the church and became a Believer at a young age.  I’ve seen the Lord use every season of my life for His glory.  God has been good to me! 

Part of that goodness in my life is my wife, Bobbie.  She has always been my biggest cheerleader and encourager!  Our years together have given us four amazing kids. Geoffrey (married to Sarah), Sarah, Emily (married to Tyler) and Landon.  We are also Pops and Lolly to two beautiful granddaughters, Berkley and Ellie Kate. 

About a year after our family moved to Abilene, a friend of mine called and said “Now that the honeymoon is over, how is it there?” Many years later, I can answer the same as I did the day he called me.  I’m still on my honeymoon!  I love Beltway Park and this amazing group of friends who have become family. 

I'm excited to see where God takes us next!!

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Randy Turner

Executive Pastor

Adina Brown

Grief Ministry Director

Angie Hervey

Administrative Assistant - South Campus Children & Student Ministry

I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Wisconsin.  So yes, I do love America’s Team, the Green Bay Packers.  On June 7, 1997 I had an encounter with God that forever changed my life.  I’ve had the privilege of leading worship now for 20 years serving many churches, ministries, and mission fields. It’s been the most exciting, trust-building, faith-building journey my family and I have been on.

In 2003, I married my beautiful wife Alicia.(she is from Lubbock, TX).  We have 3 incredible children.  My heart could not be more proud watching them grow into the powerful people they are called to be.

This journey in ministry brought our family to Abilene, TX in February 2016.  The year prior was a year filled with the Lord initiating the conversation about the move to Beltway Park and Him opening all the doors for us to get here.  My wife was ready to get out of the snow, so she may have prayed a little harder!! 

It is a privilege and honor to be a pastor at Beltway Park.  It is even more of an honor to lead this church in worship every week. 

The things I enjoy when I’m not leading worship: spending time with my family, bow hunting A LOT, and watching the Packers.

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Ashley Kershner

Central Services Worship and South Campus Groups Pastor

Barbara Prim

Administrative Assistant - South Campus Children's Ministry

Christina Bruton

Administrative Assistant - Women's & Freedom Ministry

I feel so blessed to be on staff at Beltway!  I’ve loved the local church since I was a child, and always wanted to be about my “Father’s work” and serve.  Becoming a member of Beltway in 1988, and then joining the staff in 2001 has been a highlight of my life.  It’s been incredible to see how the Lord has moved during the past three decades, and get to partner with Him in advancing His Kingdom.

It’s been fun moving into the role of Digital Strategist and Communications Pastor, which means I get to dust off that old Marketing degree.  My day consists of working with a super creative and talented team, which includes marketing, communications, website, graphic design, and the online campus.  It’s exciting to know we have the opportunity of sharing Jesus within Abilene and the Big Country area, but now also the world through digital technology. 

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful and supportive husband, Doug.  We have three grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and three precious grand-babies.  In my spare time, I lead life groups and Bible studies, cheer on my TTU Red Raiders, and watch football.  I absolutely LOVE movies, and music is a passion of mine.  However, more than anything, I just love spending time with my family!

I’m amazed how God has orchestrated my life and wasted nothing along the way to prepare me for this current role of service.  My heart is to share Jesus, and see transformation take place in people of ALL ages, so that it will change generations to come.

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DeAnna Fields

Digital Strategist & Communications Pastor

Deidra Wargo

Administrative Assistant - Executive Pastor

Diane Monteith

Administrative Assistant - Lead Pastor and Business Office

I was born and raised in the great metropolis that is Lubbock, Texas. In 2003, in February of my junior year of high school, my family moved to Abilene. Yes, if you’re curious, that is not the easiest time to move from a private school you’ve gone to since Kindergarten into a public school that had as many kids per grade as the entire school I came from.

My first Sunday at Beltway, my family went out to lunch with another family in our church, and I left that lunch pretty enamored with the girl who sat across from me during lunch. A few months later, we started dating, and got married in 2006. My wife Sarah grew up at Beltway since she was in middle school. We’ve been around this community for a long time! It has shaped us, encouraged us, challenged us, built us up, and pushed us further when we needed it. Sarah is incredibly talented and creative. She works for a construction company in town and runs a floral business in her spare time. When people ask me who does the handiwork around our house…it is Sarah. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Berkley was born in 2011, and Ellie was born in 2013.

I started working at Beltway in 2007. I have held multiple jobs around here. I was a part of our student ministry for about a decade, and then I became our College Pastor in late 2016. I was then the North Campus Pastor until 2021, and now I am our Weekend Services Pastor.

One of the things that I am most passionate about in ministry is helping people realize how the Lord sees them. As a creator who made them intentional and with a purpose. As a protector who wants to be there to guard them. As a Father who wants to be “Abba” to them. As a savior who wants to spend eternity with them. As a healer who wants to heal both the physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds for them. As a connector who wants to see them connected to the community that is the local church. This list could go on and on and on, because we serve such an amazing, faithful, and kind Lord!     

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Geoffrey Turner

Teaching Pastor & Strategic Initiatives

Jeannette McQueen

Foster/Adoption Ministry Director

I was born in Grand Junction, CO and my family moved to Haskell, TX where I grew up in a loving small-town community.  Just after High School I moved back to GJ, CO and attended Mesa State College and pursued a career in Real Estate.  I migrated to Denver, CO where I continued to grow in Corporate America and became a Vice President for a Fortune 500 Company.  While in Denver, I met my husband Franz Hallgren and we were married in 2003. 

After being blessed with two beautiful daughters, Ruby and Layla, I left my 14-year career to become a stay-at-home Mom.  Franz and I moved to Haskell, TX to live close to my family and came to Beltway’s re|engage program and found so much more.  Being at Beltway became a journey of faith, learning, growth and then leading in different areas of ministry as Jesus took us through our next steps.  I began working in the Child Development Center, Student Ministry and am now the Women’s Groups Pastor for Beltway Park.

I have a heart of optimism and faith, looking for the gold in people and their situations.  I know, personally, that there is nothing too big, no situation too far gone, for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.  It is my passion and desire to come alongside people to pray and encourage them to find healing and wholeness in the name of Jesus, challenging them to take the steps they need to walk out their life with Him.  I have been told I have a keen eye to identify gifts and talents in others, and then call them up to serve in those areas and that is something I truly love doing!

I am honored and blessed to serve and love being part of a church family that says “come as you are” with a warm and welcoming environment that brings so many aspects of ministry to bind up the broken-hearted, learn what true freedom is, and strengthen the healthiest of believers.  I truly believe there is something for everyone at Beltway!

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Jessica Hallgren

Women's Groups Pastor

I came on staff at Beltway in August of 2014, as an administrative assistant over Adult Ministry. The leadership at Beltway soon found out what my true bents of ministry are in the area of evangelism and personal ministry.  In 2017, they placed me over Benevolence and Pastor on Call.  Father God impressed on me that He would build the house, if I would just listen and obey Him daily.  He helped me to build a wonderful serve team of seasoned believers that work alongside of me to further His Kingdom.

In Benevolence, we meet a need to give them the real gift…the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We hope to be instruments of the Lord, to bring about transformation in the hearts of every broken, downtrodden, and hurting person that walks through the doors of our church.  We use the principles of missions by meeting a physical need, but our ultimate desire is to bring salvation, resulting in breaking the worldly cycle, and every soul progressing into the fullness of God’s Love and Grace.  I LOVE serving alongside the Beltway family!  

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Karen Graves

Benevolence and Ministry on Call Pastor

Laura Phillips

Administrative Assistant - Adult Ministries

Melissa Stovall

Guest Services & Food Pantry Director

Our family began attending Beltway, became members in 2012, and quickly jumped into a life group.  I served as AWANA Commander, a life group leader, and in Men’s ministry, before joining the Beltway staff in 2016.  I worked as the Early Childhood Pastor before taking on the role of Elementary Pastor.  I have the pleasure of serving with a fantastic group of people who love the Lord and love kids.

As Elementary Pastor, I get to help children (1st – 5th grades) take their next step with Jesus.  We have live worship on Sundays, biblical teaching, bible classes, and we have Wednesday night service and our AWANA Ministry during the school year.  Each summer we enjoy our one-week Kids Camp at Bonita Park, NM.  God truly does speak to children and use them to show us His heart for all of us.

My wife, Erin, and I have four wonderful children – Abbi, Zoe, Sam, and Ollie. They are each a joy and blessing to us, and show us daily God’s delight in us as His children.

I was born and raised in Waxahachie, TX.  I enjoyed baseball, video games, and anything competitive. I was saved and baptized in high school, also dedicating my life to ministry.   I graduated from ETBU and received my Masters from Logsdon Seminary at HSU in 2008.     

I love being a part of Beltway Park and serving with this staff. Beltway is a place that allows individuals an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Jesus and do that in community.  It’s nice to be in a church that takes the BIG, makes it feel small and simple, in order to connect and build community and friendships.  I am truly grateful to be in such a spirit-filled, healthy, and fun place.

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Michael Smith

South Campus Elementary Pastor

I gave my heart to Jesus at nine years old at a youth camp I didn’t want to be at. I’m pretty sure I was there to give my mom a week’s rest from me but God had a much bigger plan. I started in the ministry in 1985 in the Evangelical Methodist Church in Odessa when I was 29 as the associate pastor. I am so blessed to be one of five pastors on my mom’s side of the family. I’ve led two churches as senior pastor before joining the staff at Beltway in 2005. I am blessed to get to minister in our marriage ministry and lead re|engage for couples, Unite for premarital and seriously dating couples and Foundation Groups for newlywed couples.

Marsha and I knew each other during high school but didn’t start dating until 1976. We celebrated our 42 anniversary in August of this year and can’t believe how fast those years have gone by. We have been blessed to raise two grown kids, Shane and Stacy (married to Monty). You just can’t understand what it is to love someone as much as you do your kids until you have grandkids. We have five incredible grandkids, Garrett, Mayce, Bryce, Blake and Braydon.

I love getting to minister to couples in every area of marriage and relationships. I love seeing God transform a marriage from one that is on the brink of divorce into a healthy, Godly marriage that He is using to change lives and marriages around the world.

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Mike Hill

Marriage Pastor

Monica Whitworth

South Campus Early Childhood & CDC Co-Director

My heart is to help people connect with other followers of Jesus and to do all I can to help them grow and mature in their relationship with Him.  That’s why I love what I do in working with our Groups ministry and team, as well as with our Growth Track, at both campuses.  I also serve as the point person for our Manna University site at Beltway and have the privilege of facilitating an in-person undergraduate course most semesters. My job is my passion, and it is such a blessing to fulfill my Kingdom calling here at the church.

I joined Beltway as a pastor in 2006 immediately after graduating from Denver Seminary, having known several other staff members and pastors from Lubbock, TX when I was a student at Texas Tech University.  It was also in Lubbock that I met my awesome bride, Adina.  We married in 2001 and have two boys, David (born in 1998) and Connor (born in 2004).  We are officially a blended family in that Adina was a single mom with David when we married.  I officially adopted David in 2003, and then Connor was born the next year.

I absolutely love time with my family, hiking and exploring the great outdoors (my long term goal is to visit all our National Parks), good coffee, writing, meaningful conversations with friends, jigsaw puzzles, and snacks.

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Nathanael Brown

Groups & Growth Track Pastor

Renee Booe

Foster Adoption Media & Marketing Director

Samantha Cervantes

Assistant Director of Kids' Club & Summer Club

Sharla Sanders

Director of Finance

I’ve been teaching the Word of God since 1981 and in full-time ministry at Beltway Park since 2002.  My role as the Prayer & Freedom Pastor allows me to develop, coordinate and teach kingdom and freedom principles to all ages.  Our ministry trains and equips prayer partners in areas of freedom, intercession, healing, and prophecy, while also partnering with other ministries in order to activate believers to hear the voice of the Lord and release strategies to win spiritual battles.

I love to travel nationally and internationally imparting and teaching truths that set the captives free, turning them from darkness to light.  It is my passion to partner with other ministries and churches to build up leaders, by equipping them with Freedom material and tools to impart to their regions.

I’ve been married to my husband, Dirk, since 1981, and we serve together in the healing ministry as well as overseas missions to Ireland.  We’ve been traveling to Ireland since 2004.  We are parents to four grown children and their spouses, and proud grandparents of thirteen.  We love to spend time on our land and in our prayer garden interceding for Abilene and the nations.

After finding freedom and victory in my own life, by applying the Word of God, I believe the Lord has called me to encourage other believers to do the same.  My love for Jesus is the driving force that empowers me to equip others in order to set captives free, and help individuals cultivate a more intimate relationship with God.  My desire is to see the Body of Christ set free, walking in its true identity and using its gifts and anointing to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth.  I enjoy living the Restored, Renewed and Renamed life!

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Sherrie Saltzgaber

Prayer and Freedom Ministries Pastor

Taryn Nelson

Director of Kids' Club & Summer Club

Taylor Fields

Director of Marketing & Communication

Sherry Hicks

Administrative Assistant & Greeter - Kid's Club & Summer Club

Will Saunders

Beltway Garage Director

Molly Lee

Administrative Assistant - AV & Worship

Katie Gilgenbach

Finance Assistant

Christy Thompson

Administrative Assistant - Facilities Team

I met my wife, Rachel, here in Abilene in 2000. We have two daughters, Molly and Lexie. Our family loves to travel and explore new places.  We like to share our favorite experiences with other people. I also love to cookout and watch sports. Especially in the fall!!
Growing up, my sense of belonging was built on winning the approval of coaches. I developed a self-centered mindset and thought that I was the solution to my problems. As an adult, I found myself drowning in the world. My marriage was fleeting, my relationships were superficial, and I had no purpose in life. I was a poser. 
God put some people in my path that introduced me to Jesus, the true solution of my problems. I surrendered my life to Jesus and was adopted into the Kingdom of God as a son. Jesus gave me the grace to forgive, and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am no longer a slave to sin. The days of believing the lie that I had to do something, so that I could have something, so that I could be somebody were finally over. Because of that surrender, my priorities fell into order. Father, wife, kids… everything else.  
After meeting Jesus, He cultivated a desire in my heart to work with men and families. I joined the Beltway Park staff in 2022 and my focus is to help men take their next steps with Jesus. Seeing people walk in freedom fuels me more than anything! However, we can’t do this alone. EVERY man needs community, or as I like to call it, a “huddle.”
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Zach Vassar

Men's Groups Pastor

Aubrey Jarrett

Director of Business Administration

I was born and raised in Abilene. My family started attending Beltway in the summer of 1998 when we were still meeting in the Chapel. I was a 5th grader. We felt right at home and have been at Beltway ever since.

Eventually I met my wonderful husband, Geoffrey Turner, in the foyer of the South Campus. We got married on June 30, 2006, and we’re still having fun! We have 2 beautiful daughters: Berkley Grace (born in 2011) and Ellie Katherine (born in 2013). We also have 2 crazy goldendoodles, Copper and Cash. As a family we love to travel, play games, and hang out with family and friends.

I graduated from Hardin Simmons University, go Cowboys, in 2009 with a degree in Communications and had no idea how much that degree would prepare me for what I am doing today. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Religious Studies degree from Manna University. By pursuing this degree, I believe I will become well equipped to navigate future challenges in an ever-changing world with a solid foundation in the Bible, theology, and biblical leadership. My hope is that the impact of what I learn in this program will extend beyond myself, touching the lives of those I lead now and in the future.

As the Online Campus Pastor I am thrilled to shepherd and serve those who connect with Beltway Park Church through the Online Campus. God is advancing His Kingdom through technology, and it is so exciting to be a part of it. Covid opened a door for people to attend church online and I’m incredibly grateful to our leadership for insisting on keeping that door open as we continue to interact, nurture, support, develop, and expand the community that connects with us online.


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Sarah Turner

Online Campus Pastor

Mati Pimentel

Social Media + Graphic Design Assistant

June Saunders

South Campus Early Childhood & CDC Co-Director

Ashley Boucher

Administrative Assistant - Benevolence and Food Pantry

Stephanie Woodlee

Administrative Assistant - Marketing and Communications

Mya Thomason

South Campus Elementary Assistant Director

Matt Mooney

Boots on the Ground Ministry Director

Shelby Graves

Administrative Assistant - Boots on the Ground

Andrew Farina

Weekend Services Director

"I am sorry if someone misrepresented Jesus to you." To me, representing the love of Jesus correctly is the most important thing we should do as the Church, outside of loving Jesus with our whole heart. It is crucial that we do everything we can to see others the way God sees them, and love others as He first loved us.
I started attending Beltway's South Campus in 2020 as a sophomore in high school and I quickly fell in love with ministry. I specifically had a passion for worship ministry and jumped into serving as a worship leader for Beltway Students and Weekend Services. In 2022, I served as a Worship Intern for 1.5 years until I was hired as a Worship & Students Pastor in 2024. I currently co-lead our Weekend Service worship teams as well as help co-lead our students ministry.
I believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world. I love coming to work every day and seeing how God is moving in the lives of students and adults all over our city. Building relationships with others is why we do everything we do -- and everything is for Jesus.
Jesus is my everything and Christ holds me fast each and every day. If it weren't for him, I would only be a lost, broken sinner. But because of God's grace and mercy, I am one with Christ forever.
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Mason Kerby

Worship Pastor