We Love Our City

At Beltway Park, we believe every person matters to God. That's true for people who live on the other side of the world and it's true for people who live on the other side of the street. We want to LOVE and BLESS them all!!  That's why we have serve opportunities and practical ways we can continue to meet the needs of those that God puts in front of us.
  We are excited to join with you as we LOVE and BLESS the people of Abilene and the Big Country area!
“We Love Our City” is not an event at Beltway. It is a culture. A heartbeat. We want to be a people who show love to our city in the most tangible ways.
Join us March 26-April 1 as we love our city
through a variety of opportunities and outreaches. 


Start by asking:

      • Who in your neighborhood has a need? 
      • What business or organization within your sphere of influence could you bless? 
      • What project type best suits your group's ages and abilities? (prayer, worship, teaching, physical labor, etc.)


      • Gather as a group and find a way to BLESS the people around you! 
      • Take the opportunity to invite those you're seeking to BLESS to our Easter services.
        • Easter invites will be given to each group leader.
      • Share a photo and/or video of you, your family or life group as you love and bless others.

        • Tag @beltwaypark on social media using #WeLoveAbilene and #blessABI OR email your pictures to   so we can celebrate with you.