Our Beliefs on Israel

Beltway Park has a special calling to support and give to the salvation of the Jewish people. Please watch the clips below to understand this calling better.

Greater Riches

Greater riches for all are coming as Jewish people awaken to Jesus. The future of countless generations is intricately tied to God’s purposes for the Jewish people. God has not abandoned them, nor has the church become the new Israel. Instead, God’s covenant with the Jewish people is everlasting. A day is coming when so many Jewish men and women will come to believe in Jesus that it will be as if all Israel is saved. When that happens, greater riches and blessing will be poured out on all humanity.

This message was given in Amarillo, TX.

This message was given in Amarillo, TX.

David McQueen interviews special guest Eitan Shishkoff from Tents of Mercy visits with us and shares his vision and God's heart for Israel. Both services featured audience-asked questions; this is the 10:50am service recording.