by on October 04, 2018

Thank you for being a part of the Beltway Mission teams!  Each person on the team has the responsibility of raising their own funds.  There are many ways to raise these funds, including saving each month, picking up a second job or a temporary job, personal fundraisers (need leader approval) or writing a support letter to family and friends. (commitment cards are at the bottom of the support letter).

Beltway Missions Fundraisers are created to assist the people of Beltway Park with financial resources to enable them to go on a Beltway Mission trip that costs over $1500.  We have four major fundraisers that you can work to raise funds for your trip.  We also have other times where you can serve at an event at Beltway Park or fill immediate needs for our ministries.  The Beltway Missions office provides these particular cases of assisting ministries at Beltway Park on an as-needed basis.  We ask and encourage all of our mission team members to continue to serve in the ministries God has called you to at Beltway Park voluntarily and not to substitute mission fundraisers.   Missions fundraisers should be in addition to current ministry and areas of service.

We do not allow anyone to create places of serving, themselves. The only places you can use for missions hours are those that come from the missions office.

You will not be able to earn all the money needed for your trip through our working opportunities, but these fundraisers are helpful as a supplement (possibly 25%-40%) to what you can raise.  Listed below are our four yearly opportunities.  Other opportunities will be sent by email as they arise.

2021 Fundraisers

Beltway Garage Sale - March 18 - 20

Passover Dinner - March 31

Beltway Clay Shoot - April 17

Beltway Golf Shootout - October 2

Direct all questions to Deidra Wargo,