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Thank you for being a part of the Beltway Mission teams.  Each person has the responsibility of raising their own funds for Beltway Park mission teams.  There are many ways to raise these funds including saving each month, picking up a second job or a temporary job, personal fundraisers (need leader approval) or writing a support letter to family and friends. (commitment cards are at the bottom of the support letter).

Beltway Missions Fundraisers are created to assist the people of Beltway Park with financial resources to enable them to go on a Beltway Mission trip that costs over $1500 by supplementing some of the trip.  Some of our fundraisers involve helping with events at Beltway Park or filling immediate needs for our ministries.  The Beltway Missions office provides these special cases of assisting ministries at Beltway Park on an as needed basis.  We ask and encourage all of our mission team members to continue to serve in the ministries God has called you to at Beltway Park voluntarily and not to substitute mission fundraisers.   Missions fundraisers should be in addition to current ministry and areas of service.

You will not be able to earn all the money needed for your trip through our working opportunities, but these fundraisers are helpful as a supplement (possibly 25%) to what you yourself are able to raise.  Listed below are the current opportunities as well as the large fundraisers scheduled for this year.  We frequently add smaller one-day opportunities over the course of the year. If you have not already signed up for a trip and would like to receive emails about these opportunities, click here (when you sign up for a trip, you are automatically added to this email list). You will be given an opportunity to sign up for these fundraisers online or through our School of Missions meetings.  Contact   for information.



Please click on a fundraiser below if you would like more information:

Direct all questions to Emily Foster,