Every number has a name. Every name has a destiny. Every destiny matters to God.

2022 Annual Report

Letter from Pastor David

Each year we as a leadership prepare this annual report, this numerical snapshot of what we at Beltway Park are graciously allowed by God to have been a part of in the previous year. And at some level we do this as a form of accountability.

People - thousands of people - invest in the ministries of this church with their time, talent and money.   We as an eldership pray together each Monday morning before work, asking God for the faith and wisdom to steward well these investments.  And we prepare this report to show that we are seeking to be faithful in stewarding the investment you are making.

But this report goes far beyond mere accounting.  This is a cry of worship, a shout of praise because we know:

Every number has a name, every name has a destiny, and every destiny matters to God.  Numbers matter when we remember people matter.

This precious girl from Africa came in for a benevolence appointment. Her boyfriend had abandoned her, and her children and she needed help with a utility bill. After about 5 minutes in my office, I could tell she did not know Jesus. I explained the difference between relationship and religion and explained to her the urgency of the hour and laid out the full gospel.  But after explaining all of this, she was still just as hard as could be! She told me that she had many questions and I immediately discerned that she was angry with God. 

I asked her about her questions.  She had experienced many atrocities and could not understand a good God allowing those things to happen to her and in this world. I began to explain to her why it was not God’s fault, but the free will of men who were inherently evil.  She told me that she did NOT believe that JOY existed and would never be happy in her life. I shared with her that she was drinking the poison and holding on to all that unforgiveness. While sharing, the Holy Spirit just fell on her and she broke!!! She began to weep and told me she had cried out to God that previous night that if he was real, He would do something in her life that was different! 

Well, it happened in my office! She repented of all her unforgiveness, prayed the sinner’s prayer and gave her life completely to the Lord!  I gave her a Bible and invited her to church on Thursday evening in which she showed up and was extremely touched by the service. I commented, as she was leaving the church, that for someone who didn’t believe in joy, she sure had a lot of joy on her face for she was smiling ear to ear! She laughed and said now she knew joy existed!  She had also called her brother in Africa and shared her testimony with him for he was a believer and had been praying for her.

I don’t have words to adequately communicate how overwhelmed my heart is that we get to be part of stories like this, stories that number in the tens of thousands.

So let me encourage you to worship and give thanks as you look over this report.  And when you finish, would you ask God to do even more in us and through us in the days to come?

For the elders of Beltway Park,

David McQueen

We Love Our City

Beltway Park was honored to partner with other agencies in the city of Abilene to bless our neighbors, and show God's love through meeting needs and serving others during We Love Our City Week. There are two designated weeks for our church family to join in the spring and fall. However, we encourage everyone toward finding ways to consistently BLESS our neighbors and communities!

We Love Our City


4,404 average weekly in-person attendance, and 2,397 average weekly online campus viewers

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average weekly online campus viewers


kids (8 weeks-5th grade) ministered to weekly


students (6th-12th grade) ministered to during Wednesday evening activities


enrolled in Kids' Club After School Ministry


enrolled in Kids’ Club Summer Program

Next Steps

411 baptisms in 2022

which is 2,435 baptisms in the past 8 years.

229 people completed their next step in the Growth Track

and 510 people attended Start Here.

82 child dedications

111 foster or adoptive children & teens

with 21 licensed foster families, and 18 wrap around teams. 441 foster children have come through Beltway in the past 10 years!

79 couples completed re|engage

and 41 couples went through pre-marital coaching.

Food Pantry

1,454 families served

Benevolence Ministry

427 families helped; $67,244 in help; 555 people received prayer from a pastor on call which resulted in 24 salvations and 8 rededications.


374 families served; 11 vehicles donated; and $83,107 in help

Boots on the Ground

215 serve team members; 328 families helped; 7 partner churches; 71 partner agencies; 169 Bibles given

Air Conditioner Giveaway

139 air conditioners were given away during the 2022 summer heatwave.

Local Outreach

138,704 total local gospel touch points


there were 445 adult ministry groups

Join A Group


2,101 people on serve teams

Serve with us


$12,616,475 given in general offerings

Your gift helps us live out our vision to share the love of Jesus with people in the Big Country and all over the world.


family units gave to the mission.


of our 2022 budget was given to missions and outreach.


given to local and foreign missions.


In 2022, Beltway Park was blessed to sponsor 10 mission teams that included 167 serve team members.

We also served 95 ministry partners, which included 23 local partners and 72 global partners.

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What's Happened

Every year we have a number of incredible camps, retreats, and events like our Encounter: A Night of Prayer & Worship to help us grow in relationship with each other and in our relationship with Jesus! Below are some of the events we were blessed to host this past year. You can also check out some of the awesome events we have planned for 2023.

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Men's Boot Camp

439 attended

Women's Released Retreat

474 attended

Student Camp

475 students attended with 106 serve team

Kid's Camp

376 kids attended with 111 serve team

Healing Prayer Nights

143 received prayer