Every number has a name. Every name has a destiny. Every destiny matters to God.

2021 Annual Report

Letter from Pastor David

Most people will say they’ll forget 2021 because it was, in many ways, a continuation of 2020. I agree with everyone that I’ll never forget 2021. It was very much like 2020. But what I’ll remember most is not the pandemic and pandemic related issues.

Like all of us, I will never forget “snowmageddon” in February of 2021.  As long as I live, I will remember the hundreds of Beltway people who kept showing up to our buildings without being asked to care for the sometimes up to 700 people residing in our buildings (along with just as many dogs, cats, iguanas and guinea pigs).  I saw people not forcing themselves to care for people but living from a love that obviously flowed from deep within.  I’ll never forget the story of on one of our local news sites.

An 81-year-old man in Abilene says Beltway Church and the National Guard saved his life after his power went out during February’s winter storm.  “How can you say, ‘Thank you,’ to people like that?” said Leon Jacobson.   Jacobson called our newsroom, angry that he’d missed our previous story about the good things happening at Beltway during the February freeze.   He says he didn’t feel like anyone was thanking them for saving his life during the winter storm“I did not see anyone saying anything about them people and how great they were,” said Jacobson.  

But I can tell you that not one person who helped care for people was at all concerned if we got enough credit or not.  The people I watched that week just wanted people to know how much Jesus loved them.
I’ll never forget Laura’s story who reached out to us after she participated in our service online.  Some of our people reached out to her, and then then the word started spreading.

WOOHOO!!!!!!  Laura just had the most powerful conversion.  She accepted Jesus for the first time and made Him her Lord and Savior.  I will see her on Tuesday, give her a Bible and help her in her next steps with Him.  God is SOOO GOOD!!!

I’ll never forget a woman who wrote in, telling us she was struggling from deep depression after the birth of her child.  She prayed, asking God to please do something.

Suddenly I heard a knock on my door about 5 minutes later. Annoyed, I got up from my couch and set the baby in his swing and answered the door assuming it was an unexpected visitor friend who didn’t call before coming over. Teary eyed trying to hide my mood I opened the door and said hello. Shocked I looked at my door step to see 3 adults and two toddlers standing there. They greeted me and handed me some snacks and began to explain that they were from a local church (I started to assume they were just going to tell me about an event or ask for donations/ they never mentioned what church at first) but then they explained they were going door to door and asking if they could pray for people. I was fighting back my tears and muttered “yes you can”. When they asked what they could pray for.. all I could get out is that I just had a baby. I was too embarrassed to share the depth of depression I was dealing with. So they prayed over me and I held their hands and tried not to cry so they wouldn’t think I’m some weirdo. They handed me a gift bag and left. I walked inside and looked down at the gift bag that hand a sucker and a church pamphlet and it said beltway on the pamphlet and I just cried in awe of God. How could it be that I said that prayer and the church that I go to almost every Sunday is the group of people at my front door minutes later praying over me. 
I’ll never forget watching so many people confessing Jesus in baptism. I’ll never forget all our people going into neighborhoods to serve and share the love of Jesus.  I’ll never forget the generosity of our people that not only empowered us to serve in the Big Country but allowed us to be a part of God’s work all over the world.
The numbers below represent an attempt to show some of what God did in 2021 through Beltway.  But numbers mean nothing unless we always remember:

Every number has a name, every name has a destiny, and every destiny matters to God.

I’ll never forget 2021 because I saw again and again our God do amazing work through His people to show His love to the people of the Big Country and around the world!

For the elders of Beltway Park,

David McQueen

Shelter + Relief

Beltway Park was honored to partner with other agencies in the city of Abilene to bless our neighbors by showing God's love through shelter + relief efforts.

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3,963 average weekly in-person attendance, and 3,875 average weekly online campus users

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average weekly online campus users


kids (8 weeks-5th grade) ministered to weekly


students (6th-12th grade) ministered to during Wednesday evening activities


enrolled in Kids' Club After School Ministry


enrolled in Kids’ Club Summer Program

Next Steps

328 baptisms in 2021

which is 2,024 baptisms in the past 7 years.

805 people completed their next step in the Growth Track

and 413 people attended Start Here.

94 child dedications

121 foster or adoptive children & teens

with 27 licensed foster families, and 13 wrap around teams.

39 couples completed re|engage

and 24 couples went through pre-marital coaching.

Food Pantry

591 families served

Benevolence Ministry

370 families helped; $76,674 in help; and 588 people received prayer from a pastor on call


185 families served; 10 vehicles donated; $33,284 in help

Boots on the Ground

263 serve team members; 670 individuals helped; 5 partner churches; 53 partner agencies; 115 Bibles given

February Freeze

700 people served

Local Outreach

104,617 total local gospel touch points, with another 199,279 gospel touch points through the online campus


there were 451 adult ministry groups

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2,307 people on serve teams

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$13,999,112 given in general offerings

from 3,461 families. Your gift helps us live out our vision to share the love of Jesus with people in the Big Country and all over the world.


given to missions and outreach, which is 36% of the general giving, and 2% higher than anticipated for the year.


additionally given to designated missions and mission trips.


total given to local and foreign missions.


In 2021, Beltway Park was blessed to sponsor 4 mission teams that included 70 serve team members.

We also served 95 ministry partners, which included 23 local partners and 72 global partners.

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What's Happened

Every year we have a number of incredible camps, retreats, and events like our Encounter: A Night of Prayer & Worship to help us grow in relationship with each other and in our relationship with Jesus! Below are some of the events we were blessed to host this past year. You can also check out some of the awesome events we have planned for 2022.

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Men's Boot Camp

306 attended

Women's Released Retreat

429 attended

Youth Camp

548 attended

Kid's Camp

373 attended

Healing Prayer Nights

133 received prayer