Every number has a name. Every name has a destiny. Every destiny matters to God.

2020 Annual Report

Letter from Pastor David

2020 was a year like no other. It was a year where virus talk dominated almost every conversation, lockdowns were normal then debated, and society as a whole learned first about “Zoom” and then “Zoom fatigue."

And though it was in many ways the most difficult year most of us have ever lived, it shouldn’t be remembered only for its difficulty.  Father did so many things in our hearts as His children, showing us in a great way His grace is sufficient for any situation we might face, including 2020.  And through this difficulty, the church of Jesus around the world - the church in the Big Country - had so many opportunities to show the love of Jesus.  

It seems that every ministry partner we have around the world shifted some of its ministry focus to meet the basic, everyday needs of people, helping with food and shelter.  I had a friend/partner in India write one month, telling me they had just baptized 129 people and expected many more soon because of the number of people who had received Jesus.  Most of these conversations began because they were helping people have enough food for their families.  And we as a church were a part of providing the resources for that.

But it wasn’t just around the world.  We were able to show Jesus’ love right here in the Big Country.  Our groups adjusted to meeting on Zoom for a season to ensure we cared for each other.  We made phone calls and sent texts, checking on each other.  And when more people than ever needed food, needed help with bills, needed help with home repair and vehicle repair, we as a church were able to be there. 

So, as you remember 2020, I can’t encourage you strongly enough, don’t just remember the difficulty.  Remember the glorious work God did in your life and the lives of many in 2020.    And as you look at these numbers that attempt to summarize some of the things we were blessed to be a part of in 2020, never forget:  every number has a name, every name has a destiny, and every destiny matters to God, destinies like these:

"I’m 71 years young and I get around great and most people think I have it made. I’ve developed claustrophobia, I’ve had ADD/ADHD (untreated with drugs) since I was a young kid…I’ve always been quick to anger although I've learned to sometimes control that in my older age. I have had anxiety my whole life and now people think I have it made in retirement. Well, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have thought of and/or contemplated suicide.  I've woke up in the middle of the night in a panic attack with thoughts of ripping my throat open to breathe easier or just kill myself to get it over. I have learned to cope with it by hugging my bible against my chest and say ok LORD just take me now if that's your will, and I'll sit in my recliner praying until I fall asleep…What I really want to tell you is that tonight I could feel 60 years of anxiety falling off my shoulders during service. No, I didn’t come up for prayer.  I’m not fooling myself, I still need more and I’m not there yet and I’m definitely going to go through this series with you." 
"May 17th I was about to take my own life, and May 20th I surrendered all to Christ. He is there in the darkness when I know it doesn’t seem like it. This post is not to bring attention to me but to glorify Him. I’m alive right now because of Jesus Christ who saved me." 

For the elders of Beltway Park,

David McQueen


2,919 average weekly in-person attendance, and 4,755 average weekly online campus users

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average weekly online campus users/devices


kids (8 weeks - 5th grade) ministered to weekly


students (8 weeks - 12th grade) ministered to during Wednesday evening activities


enrolled in Kids' Club After School Ministry


enrolled in Kids’ Club Summer Program

Next Steps

157 baptisms in 2020

which is 1,696 baptisms in the past 6 years.

140 people completed their next step in the Growth Track

21 child dedications

122 foster or adoptive children & teens

with 24 licensed foster families.

53 couples completed re|engage

and 34 couples went through pre-marital coaching.

Food Pantry

2,657 families helped

Benevolence Ministry

539 families helped; $80,000 in help; and 690 people received prayer from a pastor on call


356 families served; 4 vehicles donated; $55,600 in help

Boots on the Ground

126 Serve Team Members; 813 Individuals Helped; 15 Partner Churches; 50 Partner Agencies

Night to Shine

350 Serve Team members; 180 guests

Local Outreach

115,934 Total Gospel TouchPoints


We now have 476 groups

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2,541 people on Serve Teams

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Andy's Story

Andy Ward is one of many people who has been experiencing the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ! He has seen the Lord restore his marriage, and bring reconciliation within his family. Andy has walked through the process of participating in and completing Growth Track classes, attending Beltway Men’s Boot Camps, and being a Man Academy graduate. He is now in a place where he is blessed to give back and encourage others in their journey. Our desire is to continue to provide community through groups, and discipleship through the Growth Track, so that more people in the Big Country area may experience the love and freedom of Jesus Christ!

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$10,361,490 given in general offerings

from 3,442 families. Your gift helps us live out our vision to share the love of Jesus with people in the Big Country and all over the world.


given to missions and outreach, which is 32% of the general giving.


additionally given to designated missions and mission trips.


total given to local and foreign missions.


Although we were unable to physically take mission trips in 2020 due to COVID-19, we had the opportunity to bless our missions & outreach partners with additional support in a very difficult season,

which included 40 local partners and 52 global partners.

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What's Happened

Every year we have a number of incredible camps, retreats and events like the Word, Spirit, Power Conference to help us grow in relationship with each other and in our relationship with Jesus! Below are some of the events we were blessed to host this past year. You can also check out some of the awesome events we have planned for 2021 that you can be a part of.

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Men's ReBoot Camp

272 attended

Women's Fall Gather Event

289 attended

Youth Camp (6th-12th grade)

284 attended

5th Grade Fun Day

66 attended

Healing Prayer Nights

96 received prayer