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June 13, 2021 | David McQueen

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Text: Daniel 10 (p.748)

 is a war. 

There is a war going in the , spiritual realm, where Satan and his minions are fighting against the armies of God. 

This war in the spiritual shows itself in our

Modern advancements haven't decreased  in the slightest. 

Because of this, we must expect difficulty, strife and struggle. We must prepare for

We can't be  or apathetic. (Eph. 6:12-13)

 connection to God is vital to  

At risk of his life, Daniel refused to quit connecting to God because he knew that if he didn't connect with Go, he would  and  in his godless land. (Dan. 6:10-11)

Is it any wonder that one of the  to do in our Christian journey is to stay connected to God? 

Daniel's life was far from easy. If anyone had reason to be  at God, to doubt God's love for his life, it was Daniel. 

In the place of  Daniel received the revelation of God's love for Him (v.11), a revelation I'm sure he had received many times throughout his life. 

And that revelation  him to stand. 

The revelation of God's love happens as we  with God. 

When we don't connect, no revelation. No revelation, no

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