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by Rebekah Porter on September 21, 2020

Week 2 | day eight

Remember Who You Are and Whose You Are 

Several years ago, I asked a friend to hand paint this quote for me to hang on our porch for us to see each time we left the house.  These were the words that frequently left my dad’s mouth as his own kids left the house.  Knowing and remembering who we are in Christ and who we belong to relinquishes fear that keeps us captivated.  

David knew who he was.  David’s initial introduction to Goliath was on the battlefield (1 Sam. 17:22).  The Israelites were intimidated by Goliath, but David was not.  David tried talking to his brothers about taking on the giant, but the big brothers quickly shut him down.  He finally made his way to Saul to make his account.  Of course Saul dismissed him too, but David was quick to recount the entanglements he had previously with lions and bears.  David knew what he was capable of.  Once convinced, Saul attempted to put his own armor on David for protection.  Unimpressed with wearing someone else’s gear, he said thanks, but no thanks--watch this.  He grabs his shepherd’s staff and picks up those five smooth stones.  I pause here, because this is significant.  Let’s be careful not to overlook the simple rod.  Was it security?  Was it comfort?  Was it magical?  No, no and nope not at all.   It was merely a staff.  You see, David had spent years operating in his God-given gifting and anointing of tending to sheep.  He knew what to do with the symbol God had placed in his hand.  He wasn’t just a shepherd boy.  He was a son.  He was an Israelite that loved his people enough to take on the one who had paralyzed them with his tactics of intimidation and mockery.  David was confident he could take out the giant because he knew and remembered who he was.

David knew whose he was.  “David said to the Philistine, ‘You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head’” (1 Sam. 17:43.  What was there to fear when David was on the side of the God of the Angels’ army?  He was confident that God was going to win the battle.  God was and IS the Victor.  If the Lord is the stronghold of our life, whom shall we fear (Ps. 27:1)?  As believers in Christ and members of the Kingdom of God, as sons and as daughters, we possess a confidence....a security to combat the spirit of fear.  We are on the side of the God of the universe.  David belonged to the army of the Living God and so do we!

Today’s Prayer: Living God, You have gone before us and fought the giants.  You stand without trepidation against the spirit of intimidation and fear.  Because of who you are and who I am in you, I can also stand.  Thank you for being the stronghold of my life, because of this I have no reason to fear.   

Today’s Challenge: Spend time in the Word, meditating on identity scriptures.  Write them out then declare them out loud.

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