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by Rebekah Porter on September 23, 2020

Week 2 | day ten 

Make the Trade

David approached the battlefield with boldness.  He was not afraid.  We see by the details included in 1 Samuel 17 that David exhibited a courageous spirit rather than the spirit of fear.  To be courageous simply means to be without fear.  David heard the taunting of the giant.  He saw the Israelites run in great fear of the giant.  Yet, David was not afraid.  As David approached the battlefield he heard the sounds of the war cry.  Merriam-Webster defines a war cry as a shouted word or sound used by fighters in battle to give each other courage or to frighten their enemy.  David knew that sound.  The sound of the war cry mimicked the sound that David’s heart released in his own private worship to God.  The sound of the war cry disengaged the power of fear and released the courageous spirit within David.  The sound of the war cry reminded David of the Spirit of the Lord that had come upon him in power the day Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed David (1 Sam 16:13).  The war cry was an act of worship that rallied the troops, encouraged the angels and dismantled the spirit of fear. 

We are in a battle.  There is a war that wages now between two Kingdoms.  We have a choice every day...every moment to partner with the Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of Darkness.  The spirit of fear ranks pretty high in the Kingdom of Darkness.  Fear is a liar.  Fear is deafening and breeds anxiety.  Fear wants us silent.  Fear demands we run for the hills or remain as still as possible.   Fear is disabling.  But facing fear head on takes courage.  Telling fear to go back to hell where he belongs takes courage.  Partnering with the Kingdom of Light takes courage.  

Our war cry is our greatest threat to the enemy.  The shouts of the war cry are far louder than the shouts from the enemy.  Power is released as we call forth the Angel Armies and release praise and worship to the Father.  We have the authority to disengage the power of the enemy by releasing our war cry.  Join me today in worship as we rally the troops, push back the enemy and trade that ugly, despairing spirit of fear for the courageous Spirit of the Lord.       

Today’s prayer:  Father God, today we join in with all of Heaven to worship you.  Thank you for the war cry of Heaven that defeats the enemy with every word we declare.  Receive our worship today and release freedom and victory in Jesus’ name, amen.

Today’s Challenge:  Listen to "Promises Never Fail" and let the lyrics wash over you. 

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