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Giving....It's The Key!

by Bruce Reinhardt on November 20, 2018

You might have a certain perspective when the Administrative Pastor of the church writes a blog on giving. You might say, “Oh yeah, he’s the guy that looks over the finances of the church. It’s his job to focus on the stewardship of the financial resources our covenant members give to the church and to let the leadership know when it’s time to discuss giving…like a major building campaign…or opening a second campus or when it’s time to spend less to live out our commitment to stewardship and good financial management.”

But I’ve learned so much more about the depth of relationship I can have with Jesus when I let His giving spirit and giving ways take charge of my life. I recently read a quote from Jack Hayford who wrote the book, “The Key to Everything.”

He said, “Learning and applying the key to everything involves the growing of a heart attitude in giving, which gives the right thing at the right time in the right way and for the right reasons.”

For most of my life, when I heard the word, “Give”, I thought of financial giving…giving money to a purpose, a cause, a ministry, a need. I’m guilty of also thinking that when I see giving in the Bible, I think God is primarily concerned about finances and making us good stewards of his provision in our lives. I mean Malachi 3:10-11 is pretty clear about the consequences of failing to give the tithe and the blessing of giving the tithe to the Lord. But I’m learning that there are numerous forms of giving that actually open up the victory in so many other areas of my life such that financial giving does not become the largest part of the giving God wants me to consider.

He wants me to give up…He doesn’t want me to resign like Eli did with his sons in despair over the life style of his sons, (I Samuel 3:11-14) but He wants me to surrender my self-righteousness…myself to His way of living and giving…dying to myself that I might live in Him. (Philippians 1:21)

He wants me to for-give, to give grace…to release what I might be holding against someone else in anger for treating me with perceived or real injustices. After all that Christ has forgiven me, I can do nothing else but forgive others as the Lord commands. (Matthew 6:14, 15)

He wants me to give over…to put into His hands that which He was meant to handle, not me…like giving Him my children, my future plans, the purpose of my life, the sufferings that may come to my life and family and still trust Him implicitly…like worrying about tomorrow. (Matthew 6:25-34)

He wants me to give to…to be generous as I consider how He wants me to pray into what I should give to others that have need…to consider the poor as deeply and richly as He does. (Matthew 19:21)

He wants me to give in…this is a big one because most of the time it’s tied to whether I obey or not. Trusting His ways and thoughts over mine and then acting on His and not mine. (I Samuel 15:22, 23)

He wants me to give wisely…to know and trust His reciprocal laws of giving and receiving. We’ve all probably heard Pastor David talk about God’s plan to give 10% and live off of 90% being so much more peaceable, profitable and secure than to keep 100% in our own hands. God’s math is always astounding.

Jack Hayford, again, says that, “in short, the Key to Everything involves giving everything but never in a way that we most fear. Our fears have taught us that to give anything is to be left with less, and to give everything is to be left with nothing. It is God’s love that not only mandates His giving and forgiving because His nature can do no other, but it is His love which also mandates that those who are born into His family, learn to do the same.”

Give everything to Him…it’s the way to an amazing life!

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