Series: Extravagant


December 18, 2022 | David McQueen

Passage: Luke 2:19

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Text:  Luke 2:19,51 (p. 857)

Treasure isn't a common word for us because it's a word reserved for things of extreme if not the      

Mary   up all these things... Luke 2:19

What we can do is to think Mary's faith journey can't be an example to us because Mary wasn't like the      

Mary was as   and   as any of us.

Mary had allowed the greatness of God and His heart for humanity to so   her heart that she treasured Jesus above all. (Lk. 1:26-38)

  is when we treasure Jesus above all.

When we treasure something, we   our lives around that which we treasure.

Whatever price we have to pay, whatever sacrifices have to be made, whatever changes and adjustments have to be made to our lives, they are   compared to having that which we treasure. (Phil. 3: 7-8)

Life in this fallen world has a way of   us from the treasure of what is most valuable. (Mark 3:21)

The greatest skill we can have in life is to treasure in   and   that which is most valuable. 

And the reason we gather as a church is to help each other actually treasure in the way     He who alone is most valuable. 

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