Series: James


May 19, 2024 | David McQueen

Passage: James 1:5-8

Heavenly wisdom is guaranteed if we don’t doubt (James 1:5-8). Wisdom is having the faith and courage to apply the principles of God’s Word to our lives. It’s the ability to go beyond merely surviving each day to building a life of abundance. While earthly wisdom says an individual determines what is true for themselves, heavenly wisdom encourages us to renew our minds by seeking out God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will (Romans 12:2). God longs to impart wisdom that leads us to abundant living. The cross and the resurrection show that God is radically for us. He gives wisdom generously to all without reproach.

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Text: James 1:5-8; 3:13-18


According to the Scripture, true wisdom is taking God’s truth and, by God’s grace and empowerment,   it   to the situations we face in life. (Pr. 16:16)

Heavenly wisdom is   if we don’t  

This person who doubts   between earthly, unspiritual, demonic wisdom and heavenly wisdom.

That doesn’t     to me.

We’ve been raised – trained – with an earthly wisdom that says an individual determines what’s   for themselves.

Heavenly wisdom will   earthly wisdom in us. (Rm. 12:2)

And if we embrace the idea that I choose what feels right to me and reject what doesn’t feel right to me, we will find ourselves  

You know what normally feels right and good in the moment?  

Earthly wisdom looks at what feels   and right in the moment.

Often biblical, heavenly wisdom calls us to deny what feels good and pleasurable in the moment so that we can have a       in our lives. (Mt. 7:24-26)

The cross and the resurrection   that God is radically for us.

He is not going to die for us and then take us down paths of  

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