Thoughts Shape our Lives

Series: Flip the Script

Thoughts Shape our Lives

September 26, 2021 | Geoffrey Turner

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Flip the Script

  Thoughts Shape Our Lives  

What happens in our minds

A negative thought life  of the joy and life that God has for us. Matthew 12:34

Our thought life has consequences, and we  it at our own

In our , we only have the ability to think in such a way that ultimately leads to our death. Romans 8:5-6, John 3:6, Romans 8:9-11

One of the primary reasons that we are stuck in these negative thought patterns is because we have never truly trusted  as our

Training our minds to be set on things of the Spirit is going to take time and work but the  far  the cost. Philippians 4:6-9

We begin by  the thoughts that we have that are of the flesh. James 5:16 

Confession is an important aspect of setting our minds because it is us  that we have an

Our declarations are just going to be  that we declare over . Matthew 6:26, Psalm 23:4, Proverbs 18:21

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