Take a Breath

Series: The Restful Life

Take a Breath

September 25, 2022 | David McQueen

Passage: Exodus 31:17

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The Restful Life

Take a Breath

Text: Exodus 31:17 (p. 72) 

If God took a day to stop and , does it not seem reasonable that we mere creatures who are made in His image would need the same? 

And could it be that one of the reasons we are so weary and burdened is that we have refused the  of Sabbath? 

Sabbath extreme #1 is that the concept of Sabbath is an  idea that has nothing to do with today.

Sabbath extreme #2 is the creation of a list of "do no do on this day" that is followed 

God designed humanity to  when we honor the idea of a Sabbath. (Ex. 20:8-11; Mk. 2:27-28) 

Sabbath is the  to His children. 

If we do not have the ability to rest, the ability to sabbath, it says we are functionally still living as  though we have been  by Jesus. (Dt. 5:15; Rm. 8:15)  

Sabbath is a day where we rest...

Keeping a Sabbath says that as children of the Father He will enable us to do more and  in 6 days when we set aside 1 day for Him. 

Sabbath is a day each week to rest...

It is a day to take a breath and do things that  us in our body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

Sabbath is a day each week to rest and 

Sabbath is intended to be a day where we are to stop, focus more on God than even the other six days of the week, and make sure the main  are the  

Would we be more effective, would life be easier, if we took a day off each week and   (Ecc. 10:10) 

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