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June 20, 2021 | David McQueen

Passage: Daniel 1:1-8

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Text: Daniel 1:1-8 (p.737)

  is  for Jesus followers. (1 Pet. 2:11)

The leadership of Babylon wanted these young men to believe like Babylonians believe, behave like Babylonians behaved, and  like Babylonians .

To stand firm we must   to be

Cultural Christianity is people who are walking on the broad road - believing, behaving and thinking like the world - but deceived into   they are on the narrow road because they profess a belief in Jesus. (Mt. 7:13-14)

It's utterly impossible to have any level of , any level of victory in this life, with a sort-of, kind-of, cultural Christianity. 

If our faith is never causing us to stand out, if we're always blending in and never seen as , then you can't really be following Jesus. (1 Pet. 1:15) 

As cultural Christianity ends, real faith, following Jesus on the narrow road that leads to  is going to be seen clearer and clearer. 

Daniel resolved to believe what God says is  no matter what. 

Daniel resolved to treat people not based on their  but on how God view them. 

I'm convinced that " " leads to life abundant. 

And without an ounce of shame I want , and I want as many people as possible to have it. 

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