Series: Bless this Home


April 21, 2024 | David McQueen

    Blessed homes do not wish for peace; they make it (Matthew 5:9). Every person experiences conflict in their relationships; it is inevitable, especially in our homes with those we are closest to and spend the most time with. Even mature followers of Jesus can have disagreements and struggles (Acts 15:36-40). It is a reality that if we are pursuing Jesus diligently, peace in relationships does not just happen. We must be intentional in taking steps to create peace with others. We become peacemakers in our relationships by utilizing the acronym P.E.A.C.E.

    P – Prayerfully plan a meeting.

    E – Empathize with their opinions and feelings.

    A – Attack the problem, not the person.

    C – Cooperate as much as possible.

    E – Emphasize reconciliation, not resolution.

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    Bless This Home


    Text: Matthew 5:9

    Blessed homes don't  for peace; they  it. 

    P -  plan a meeting. 

    We need to first ask if we need to do anything at all. Reality is - sometimes we just need t ogive the other person a  (1 Pet. 4:8) 

    If we need a meeting, take the  and set up a place to get together. (Mt. 5:23-24) 

    E -  with their opinions and feelings. 

    If we're wise and want to make peace, then we seek to  before being  (Pro. 18:2; Mt. 7:12) 

    The way to do this is really simple but amazingly powerful.  (Jam. 1:19)

    A -   the problem not the person. 

     for what you can  for. 

    Address the  at hand instead of unleashing a verbal tirade on the other person. (Eph. 4:15) 

    C -  as much as possible. 

    One of the ways God leads us in through other people. And He uses  sometimes to show us where we're awry. (Ps. 23:1-3; 27:17)

    E - Emphasize  not resolution. 

    Peace sometimes means we agree to disagree but still treat each other with 

    Being a peacemaker doesn't mean we compromise or sacrifice  for peace. (Mt. 10:34; Rm. 12:18) 

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