Narrow Road

Series: Narrow

Narrow Road

January 02, 2022 | Geoffrey Turner

Passage: Matthew 7:13-14

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The Narrow Road  

Text: Matthew 7:13-14 (p. 812)

The road we often choose to  is potentially  to the life we want to live. (Proverbs 14:12)


We all want , but not just , abundant, overflowing, full, rich, satisfying, peaceful, joyful, life. 


 the narrow road leads to life.


Rarely in our lives is the  path the  path.


The entrance to the narrow road that leads to us to abundant life is the  of . (John 10:9-10)


 as the door to abundant life means giving up everything. (Matthew 16:24-26)


 on the path that leads to abundant life is going to actually be difficult at times. 


 the  regularly. 

 in life-giving


 the road ahead, give us instructions on how to navigate life. (Psalm 119:105) 


It's  to stay on the road you can't see. 


The community around us will often  which path our  take us on. 

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