Hope in Him

Series: What We Really Need

Hope in Him

May 02, 2021 | Geoffrey Turner

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What We Really Need

Hope in Him

We have a need to know that our difficulty and suffering isn't wasted in . Romans 15:13, 8:8

Often, it's not even our sin, but the  of sin in the world that causes hard times.

 is  because of the sin of the world, and we all will experience it because of that.

If He is working everything out for my good, then what might He be doing ? Romans 5:3

The purpose in our pain is  in .

We have the  to rejoice because of what difficulty can lead us to.

 builds our character because it shows us the parts of our life that aren't necessarily stable in Him and gives us the opportunity to grow.

So, we can't continue to rely on  hope... that is not hope. Romans 8:23-25

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