Gender Identity

Series: Handle with Care

Gender Identity

February 05, 2023 | David McQueen

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Handle with Care 

Gender Identity


Isn't it interesting that it says "grace and truth," not truth and grace? The order seems to matter. It seems Jesus   with grace without compromising truth. (Jn 1:14)

The act of   at Zacchaeus' house was a prophetic at where Jesus was showing Zacchaeus his value and worth as a human despite being a greedy little extortionist. (Lk. 19:5)

Now, we don't know the nature of the conversation Jesus had with this man. But apparently, they talked about things that needed to   in Zacchaeus' life. (Lk 19:8)

To be a person of grace AND truth, we must be people who seek to truly   someone.

Was I   in the wrong body?

Every human is born with a sinful nature. But the sinful nature doesn't cause the exact same   in everyone. Sin manifests itself differently in different people. (Ps. 51:5)

  • The Bible only identifies     male and female (Gn. 1:27)

God chose to makes us male and female, and there is something in each sex that conveys the   and wonder of God.

  • The Bible doesn't consider   and   to be two different aspects of a human.

Sin   Sin deceives. Sin causes us to think wrongly about things.

For some there is a confusion, a deception, when it comes to their    

  • The Bible consistently     gender boundaries.

  in the Bible means power to live as God designed me to be - to live as a man or woman who knows thorough Jesus I am a child of God. (Rm. 2:4; Jn. 8:32)


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  • Grace 2.0 by Preston Sprinkle, chapters 8-9

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