Fear of Powerlessness

Series: Fearless

Fear of Powerlessness

May 15, 2022 | David McQueen

Passage: Psalms 23:5

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Fear of Powerlessness

Text: Psalm 23:5 (p. 458)

Following Jesus takes

The only way we can have a victory feast in the presence of our enemies is if we are  the enemy. 

Deep within we know something is deeply wrong with the world we live in - and humanity doesn't have the ability to  it. 

There is so much need - so many problems - so much evil that we can easily succumb to a fear that we are  to make any difference whatsoever.

When something overflows, it  everything around it.  

God desires to give in such abundance that we not only have enough to be victorious in this life, but it overflows from us and  everyone we are  around. (Rom. 15:13) 

, and your life will overflow. 

God designed us that we hunger that our lives count, that our lives make an  in the lives of others. (Ecc. 3:11) 

But we struggle - we  - that could never be true of my life. 

Maybe that part of Christianity that frustrates us that most is the absolute  on God  requires. 

Living a life of increasing  on Jesus takes

But when we have that , not only do we have enough. 

Our lives overflow - overflow with joy, overflow with peace, overflow with

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