Created for Presence

Series: The Restful Life

Created for Presence

October 02, 2022 | David McQueen

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The Restful Life

Created for Presence 

Text: Exodus (p. 73) 

We need God's  more than His

The root consequences of sin is us  from the very thing we need the most. (Gen. 3:8) 

That which our heart longs for - a life of  - is found ultimately in His presence. (Ps. 16:11) 

Biblically, we know God is everywhere present, not bound by time or space. He is

But there are times, moments, that I am to feel, to experience His presence. Those who came before us in faith called it the  presence of God. 

We've often taught in the church to be fearful of experience because experience can lead us . And that can be true. 

But that answer isn't to spurn all experience but to be  of all experience by the truth of God's Word. 

Presence comes as a result of

The more we obey and join Jesus in ministry, the more we say yes to His invitation to draw near, the more often we will encounter the  presence of God. 

Presence requires

One of the great benefits of obedience - not  but obedience - is presence. 

 is always the beginning place for presence. (Ps. 100:1-2)

One of the reasons we are  is we've minimized the importance of presence.

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