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Doubt in dark times isn’t the of faith. (Acts 9:13-15; Mt. 28:16-17)

Some doubt - some struggle - in the midst of darkness is part of the of faith.

Jesus is nudging us - just like Ananias, just like the 11 - Jesus is nudging us to the place of greater .

In the midst of the darkness and doubt, get to the Shepherd and follow Him.

To us, a shepherd seems like a kid with a menial job.

The same heart David has for his sheep - the same things he is willing to do for his sheep - God will do in greater ways. (Jn. 10:11-15)

David’s heart for his sheep is such that he is willing to .

In the midst of darkness and doubt, make sure one thing. Follow the shepherd. .

He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with the Father graciously give us ? Romans 8:32

He will so that we can for others. (2 For. 8:8 ; 9:11)

Continually each other.

Look for ways we can each other.

Look for ways to . ( 2 For. 9:6)

We’re going to see the faithfulness of God - His provision - as we join Him in , , and .

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