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Text: Ephesians 4:26-31 (p. 9780)

Anger isn’t to be totally but .

When we refuse to be angry at the injustice and unrighteousness that angers God, then the anger God designed us to have to launch us into noble and righteous purposes becomes narcissistic and .

God is angry at the sin that destroys those He loves, the sin that is a violation of His just nature. So, in His anger God did what? He .

(Ps. 145:8; Is. 9:7)

We sin in our anger by .

have power to bring death or to bring life. We must seek to choose life for other people in our words, even when we’re angry.

(Pr. 18:21; Jam. 3:9-10)

We sin in our anger when we .

We sin in our anger when we cut off a relationship and don’t seek to .

I can do what I can do to attempt to be at . In my anger I have not continued to sin by not trying to restore that relationship.

(Mt. 5:39; Rm. 12:17-18)

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