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Marriage is about not .

Marriage is about that leads to deep things like righteousness, joy, and . (Mt. 16:25)

In marriage we are set apart

At its core, covenant has this idea of the entirety of two parties being joined together in a way. (Gen. 15:5-18)

Covenant is about , a commitment to work through our problems that become very apparent when the infatuation is gone. (Mal. 2:14)

In marriage we are set apart

Marriage, because of its intensity, shows us more than any human relationship.

Where there is anything life giving, there will be .

(Pr. 14:4)

When we say marriage is so we can be set apart , we’re saying it’s a spouse’s job to get rid of sin in their spouse.

We give covenant, and we encourage our spouse to run after Jesus first as his/her .

And I deal with as it is revealed in the pressure cooker of marriage.

And if you have a man and woman in marriage both set apart and each other seeking to be set apart , the result is great gain!

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