Chosen for Worship

Series: Chosen

Chosen for Worship

September 05, 2021 | David McQueen

Passage: John 4:4-30

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Chosen Worship 

Text: John 4:4-30 (p. 888) 

 The mandate to go through Samaria wasn't about the expedience of the path but the  of a person. 

Every person on planet earth

Worship is where I declare with the way I   that someone or something will fulfill the deep need within me. 

The ultimate issue for this woman wasn't the five past husbands and the current live-in man. Those were merely  of the real issue. 

The ultimate issue for this woman - the ultimate issue for every human - is

 satisfaction comes from true worship. 

The first person Jesus told, I am the Messiah, is an  among an  people. 

Jesus is the way - the only way - but the way  can be right with God. 

Worship that brings satisfaction to the soul  based on the truth Jesus brings. 

The water jar, brought to the well at the noon hour for who knows how long, represented all the reasons for her , her disgrace, her feeling disqualified to have a life that worships God. 

And Jesus took away that . That is what the truth of Jesus does. 

And from the  of a  grateful for His love, overwhelmed by His grace, and thankful for His mercy, she used her life to worship Him, worship that was in spirit. 

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