Is God nudging you to get connected with other believers, to find a small group that shares and encourages you in your spiritual journey? Groups are small groups of people who meet throughout the week and walk through life together.

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Avoid the awkwardness of “just showing up” with this short gathering designed to help individuals and/or families connect with a small group. Whether it is for a community group, topical group, interest group, men’s or women’s groups, or for our serve teams, leaders are present who either want to start a brand new group or simply add to their existing group. It’s a great chance to visit with these leaders, to discover what their group is like, and to discern which group is a great fit.


Finding a Group that is a great fit is always made easier when you already know someone in the group.

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Our Groups pastors can any assist you with finding a group, and can answer any questions you may have.

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