Beltway College of Ministry

Beltway College of Ministry equips people to be ministers of the gospel in Abilene, the Big Country and around the world. 

The goal of Beltway College of Ministry is for students to graduate with a sound theological education, practical ministry experience, and minimal school debt.

Beltway College of Ministry is a hybrid of in-person and online learning as a site of Manna University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Manna University is nationally accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Students will have the opportunity to achieve a degree in:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Divinity
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry 
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling 

Steps to Enroll in Beltway College of Ministry:

  1. Explore possible academic programs and degrees. 
  2. Apply to Manna. 
  3. Once accepted: 
    • Transfer existing credits (if applicable)
    • Apply for financial aid. 
  4. Register for classes. 
Upcoming In-person Beltway College of Ministry Classes

Fall 2023: The Kingdom of God (THE-301)

This course is a study of the teachings of Jesus on the essence and form of the Kingdom of God. 

Spring 2024: The Book of Revelation (BIB-330) 

A study of the Book of Revelation with a focus on its literary genre, theological themes, and the various schools of interpretation. A detailed study of the argument with a view to teaching and preaching its contents. 

Nathanael Brown
South Campus Groups & Growth Track Pastor