While most of our Beltway groups are only meeting periodically during the summer (no formal questions or agendas – just relationships in a fun, laid back environment), we do have some opportunities to connect.

  • For young adult summer events and groups (single & couples), visit beltway.org/youngadults.

  • For info on our interest groups and topical groups meeting this summer, visit beltway.org/groups.  

  • For couples looking to strengthen their marriages, check out re|engage at beltway.org/reengage.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming Groups Launch Party on Sunday, August 29

If you're NOT already in a group, it's a fun night to meet many of our group leaders and connect with a great group. 

If you're a part of a group already, it'll be a fabulous night to reconnect heading into the fall season. 

Park Central

Welcome to our new software, Park Central, that group leaders are using to record how often their group is meeting, who is attending, etc. Park Central also helps us connect new folks who are interested in finding a group.

Park Central Login Page

Childcare Reimbursement

For Beltway Groups with children, we offer reimbursement for any childcare costs that take place during your group. To be reimbursed for a group meeting, please fill out the form below.

Submit Reimbursement Request

Tools to Go Virtual

For Groups meeting online, we recommend Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. You can also stay connected with group chats using What's App, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Marco Polo, or GroupMe.