Flip the Script

Do you feel like your mind is waging war on itself?  Destructive thinking. Out-of-control thoughts. Self-doubt.  We all battle dangerous and unhealthy perceptions and soundtracks that play in the background of our minds. The good news is that God desires to empower you with new strategies to change your thinking! These strategies will help you to rewire your brain, cut off harmful thoughts before they take root, internalize the truth of Scripture, and experience the freedom of a renewed, steadfast mind.

Join us for six weeks as we flip the script and reverse the harmful narratives that destroy our peace of mind!

Winning the War in Your Mind Reading Plan

Week 1 (Sept. 12-18) - Introduction - Chapter 1
Week 2 (Sept. 19-25) - Chapters 2-3
Week 3 (Sept. 26-Oct. 2) - Chapters 4-6
Week 4 (OCT. 3-9) - Chapters 7-9
Week 5 (Oct. 10-16) - Chapters 10-11
Week 6 (Oct. 17-23) - Chapter 12-Conclusion

Winning the War in Your Mind books will be available for $10 at both campuses beginning August 26 & 29. 


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Online Service Options

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   To catch up on previous messages from this series, watch here! 

Flip the Script Groups

Groups is where we have the opportunity to building meaningful relationship, while discussing concepts from each week's message.  Below you will find the resources needed to make your group experience exceptional. God wants to move powerfully in each group so that freedom, healing, and transformation of the mind is tangibly seen.

Group Discussion Questions

Week 1     Week 2

For those hosting or facilitating a group, helpful resources are available. 

Group Leader Resources 
This Week's Declaration
My thoughts are fixed on the truth of God’s Word.
I declare today that my mind is focused on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, excellent, and praiseworthy.  My thoughts are fixed on and saturated with the truth of God’s Word that sets me free.  My mind is not tossed by every wind of doubt, fear, or double-mindedness that blows my way. (Philippians 4:8; John 8:32; James 1:6)
As an encouraging reminder, save this week's declaration to your phone as wallpaper. 

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Each week during this series, we will drop a new podcast episode addressing mental health issues with a few special guests and local experts. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday and subscribe to this podcast channel for weekly updates.

Beyond Sundays Podcast

Worship is Warfare

We believe that worship is crucial in spiritual warfare. Please visit our Flip the Script playlist as we work to reverse the harmful narratives that destroy our peace of mind!

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