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by Rebekah Porter on September 25, 2020

Week 2 | day twelve 

Recounting His Faithfulness

God, who delivered me from the teeth of the lion and the claws of the bear, will deliver me from this Philistine (1 Sam 17:37 The MSG).  This is the response from someone who truly knows the One who is fighting on his behalf.    I desperately want to come to a place with the Father where I, too, can declare and believe this statement.  David’s confidence and security in the Lord is paramount to this victory.  David came from a long line of Faithful servants.  Surely he knew the stories of his ancestors that had faced much adversity yet overcame by the help of the Lord.  David was good at recounting the faithfulness of the Lord.  We can see this over and over in the book of Psalms.  David knew the Lord.  He knew the Lord so well...so intimately that he recognized the move and power of God.  

I can recount similar stories.  Of course my deliverance from the teeth of the lion and claws of the bear look very different, however the faithfulness of the Lord remains the same.  The Lord has been so evident in my life.  I am a journal-er.  For years I have penned my heart to the Lord in blank books.  I can pick any of those books up today and find countless ways the Lord has been faithful.  Yet, I still struggle.  I struggle to approach the frontlines of the battle, much less volunteer to take out the giant.  I believe whole-heartly that we are in a season of the Lord asking for faithful servants to fight on the frontlines, but fear will keep many from obeying.  Fear has captivated us into thinking we are safer in the back.  Fear has lied to us, tricked us into believing we are better off not even going near the battlefield.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being manipulated and controlled by a giant of fear that’s only weapon against me is intimidation and taunting words.  I’m certain by the looks of Goliath, David could have legitimately talked himself out of a fight.  Am I right?  Goliath was over 9ft tall.  His body was covered from head to toe with bronze.  I can only imagine the magnificent sound of his voice.  My momma heart is screaming inside for sweet little David to RUN!  I’m certain Goliath could have thrown David across the battlefield one-handed.  But what did David have to lose?  Perhaps David’s relationship with God was similar to that of the apostle Paul, that reflected his statement, “...to die is Christ, but to live is gain” (Phil. 1:21).  What do you, what do I have to lose?  Will we air on the side of fear and perhaps run from our purpose and destiny like the Israelite army did?  Or will we finally face this giant of fear head on?  Where is our confidence?  Where is our security?  If the answer to these questions is anything, but in Christ alone, it is time to release that over to Jesus.  We have Kingdom work to do!  We cannot be bound by fear.  God is asking us to join him on the frontlines.  I will not speak for you, but I must say for myself that today I will relinquish rights I have given over to the spirit of fear.  I will stand secure on the frontlines of the battle because I know who God is.  I have seen him move in spirit and might. I have encountered miracles and been on the receiving end of endless grace and relentless love.  I can recount his faithfulness and will no longer give into the tactics this giant so carelessly throws around.  Grab your staff, pick up your stones, today is the day of reckoning!

Today's Prayer:  Father God, I am so thankful that you do not give us a spirit of timidity, but a sound mind.  You give us all that we need for the battle you have called us to.  You go before us and stand with us.  You protect us from every angle.  You are faithful to the ages.  God, may we remember these often.  Give us courage, today, to face the giant of fear head on.  Through this relinquishment, we only have you to gain!

Today's Challenge:  Verbalize your fear to the Lord.  Be honest.  Be vulnerable.  Ask him to remind you of the ways he has been faithful.  Write them down and thank him.  

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