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Boot Camp 2018 Reflections

by Randy Reese on June 21, 2018

Yet another Beltway Men’s Boot Camp has come and gone…#10 is in the books…and the power exhibited by the Lord is still burning in the hearts of all who attended! 

And now, a month after that great weekend, I am reflecting on testimonies from many, but also know that reality has set back in…it is game on…we are off the mountain…now what are we going to do?

I have 3 questions to ask…to not only the men who attended, but to all of us—men and women alike:

  • Do we believe God is who He says He is? No, I mean really?!?  Do we know deep down in our gut that He will deliver?  No matter how tough it gets?  No matter if the enemy is screaming in our ears that God will not deliver?  And he is screaming it over and over.  If we are not sure, then our fleshly eyesight and our feelings will eventually take over…then self protection and medicating our fears and disappointments take the reins of our life one more time.  So…REMEMBER THE CROSS…REMEMBER THE BLOOD…HE IS RISEN…HE DELIVERED ONCE AND FOR ALL…HE LOVES YOU LIKE CRAZY…WITH POWER AND LOVE HE RECEIVES ALL OUR BURDENS…HE IS FAITHFUL…AND HE HAS PROMISED TO NEVER LEAVE US. GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN US THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD!  BELIEVE IT…HE IS ABSOLUTELY WHO HE SAYS HE IS!!
  • Do we really want to get well? Jesus asked that of the invalid at the well of Bethesda…it seems silly most of the time to us that Jesus asked that.  But it is always a valid question not only to the man at the well, but to us as well. So, I ask again…do you want to get well? Do you want to get well on your terms? So you can one more time attempt to do life on your terms…by your definition…so you can quickly feel better. Then life will go back to it’s being all about you and you wanting to create and control your world.  Healing and freedom is always about a new life with Christ…but something has to die first…and that something is us.  Every day we get to decide who is in charge. Jesus is really good at what He does…His Spirit is always with us and ready to lead.  Come on over…let’s choose to get well together…again…and again.
  • Do we know who we are? At Boot Camp this year, we heard yet again that knowing who we are…what our identity is…that is where the rubber meets the road!  So, one more time…scripture is clear…and powerful…Jesus and Paul scream it loudly…WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!!  OUR FATHER HAS ADOPTED US…FOREVER…THAT PROMISE IS SEALED BY THE PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT…THAT TRUTH WILL NOT CHANGE…IT IS FOREVER…EVEN WHEN WE DON’T FEEL LIKE IT…AND DON’T DESERVE IT…IT IS FOREVER…DID I SAY IT WAS FOREVER?!?!

I pray that Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit will be your constant companions today and every day!!  Blessings!

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