Every number has a name. Every name has a destiny. Every destiny matters to God.

2019 Annual Report

Letter from Pastor David

I stand amazed each and every year at what the Father is doing in the lives of people – stories we graciously get to be a part of at Beltway Park. Recently I received this note from a couple who have been part of our Beltway family.

My husband and I used to live in Abilene while we were stationed at Dyess Air Force Base. We have since moved but while we lived in Abilene, we attended Beltway. It was one of the first non-Catholic churches that I had set foot in. Beltway was the place where the Lord began a work in my heart to set me free from legalism, striving and fear. It was a place that I began to learn more about God's Word and the life and guidance that it gives. It was a place that I ran to during the hard times of my husband's deployments to the Middle East, that turned my world upside down, and taught me the hard but necessary lesson that I was not lord over my own life and that marriage was a loving sacrifice. Beltway was the place where I learned about Sower of Seeds International and through the prompting of the Lord, I became partners and good friends with the folks who fight for freedom for those who are enslaved in India. I wanted to share these things with you because my husband and I are forever changed and grateful for Beltway and the love and truth that we saw and experienced while attending church and being in community there. As we sat down this week and just recalled the faithfulness to us over the past few years, Beltway was on my gratitude list. You guys are doing mighty things by His power, Spirit and grace in the Big Country and we are so encouraged by it. We are lifting you up and praying for all that He plans to do in and through Beltway this year and in the years to come.

What an honor and privilege that God would allow us to be part of this story and so many others like it! And I want you to know that this isn’t anywhere close to an isolated incident. God is at work! What we’re doing together is making a difference where it counts - in people.

So I want to say to you – thank you! Thank you for giving, for investing, for pursuing the heart of God with your lives this past year. It is such an honor to co-labor with the incredible people the Father has called to Beltway Park Church. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us in 2019!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1-18

For the elders of Beltway Park,

David McQueen


5,049 average weekly attendance

This is a 8.4% increase in the last 5 years! At Beltway Park Church, we believe that you grow where you are committed. So if you are ready to take your Next Step with Jesus and get better connected, we'd love to help you do that!

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average weekly online campus users/devices


kids (8 weeks - 5th grade) ministered to weekly


students (8 weeks - 12th grade) ministered to during Wednesday evening activities


enrolled in Kids' Club After School Ministry


enrolled in Kids’ Club Summer Program

Next Steps

236 baptisms in 2019

which is 1,539 baptisms in the past 5 years.

350 people completed their next step in the Growth Track

97 child dedications

112 foster or adoptive children & teens

with 25 licensed foster families.

122 couples completed re|engage

and 59 couples went through pre-marital coaching.

Food Pantry

2,280 families helped

Benevolence Ministry

534 families helped; $42,000 in help


152 families served; 4 vehicles donated, $43,500 in help

Boots on the Ground

500 Serve Team Members; 663 Families Helped; 7 Partner Churches; 48 Partner Agencies

Night to Shine

367 Serve Team members; 138 guests

Local Outreach

95,278 Total Gospel TouchPoints


We now have 562 groups, which is 35 more than last year.

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2,356 people on Serve Teams

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Jamey's Story

Jamey Calvery is one of the many, many people who were blessed by the ways that you faithfully give and serve in our church! Several years ago Jamey surrendered his life to Jesus! And since that time, Jamey and so many of us have been praying for his dad to do the same. Just this year, his dad surrendered his life to Christ and took his next step in baptism! Now we're praying for 4,000 more people to do the same in the next 10 years.

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$10,721,079 given in general offerings

from 3,890 families. Your gift helps us live out our vision to share the love of Jesus with people in the Big Country and all over the world.


given to mission and outreach, which is 31% of the general giving.


additionally given to designated missions and mission trips.


total given to local and foreign missions.


1 in 18 Beltway people went on a short-term trip in 2019

which included 15 short-term mission teams, 18 local partners, 273 Beltway team members, and 78 global partners.

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What's Happened

Every year we have a number of incredible camps, retreats and events like the Word, Spirit, Power Conference to help us grow in relationship with each other and in our relationship with Jesus! Below are some of the events we were blessed to host this past year. You can also check out some of the awesome events we have planned for 2020 that you can be a part of.

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Men's Boot Camp

391 attended

Women's Released Retreat

598 attended

Youth Camp (6th-12th grade)

455 attended

Kids Camp (2nd-5th grade)

350 attended

Healing Prayer Nights

183 received prayer