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is a growing issue that economic prosperity and technological/ scientific advancements are not solving.

The commands of Jesus aren’t demands meant to show us our lack but promises meant to show us our when we walk with Him.

The invitation of Jesus is to a life of .

We tend to rest from our work and activity; Jesus is inviting us to work and be active from a .

Rest is not a break but the from which we live.

Adam and Eve were created not to work and then rest. The Father’s was to live out their mission from a place of rest. (Gen. 1-3)

The day in a biblical worldview started with sleep. The day didn’t end with rest but started, is , on rest. (Gen. 1:5)

Growing in salvation is connected to the idea of growing into from a place of rest. (Heb. 4:9-11)

The Father longs for us to have not just moments of rest but a life that is by rest. (Is. 30:15)

Rest is what we see in Jesus. When we read the four gospels, we very rarely (if ever) see Him or .
(Mt. 8:23-27; 27:12-14)

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