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Titus 3:3:3-9 (p.998)

The heart of the Father is that we increasingly live in what is excellent and profitable, the abundant life that comes from the of loving Jesus.

It’s easier than we think to move from to .

The is to focus on externals, to focus on the rules, rather than growing in our love for Jesus and our obedience overflowing from our love. (Mk. 7:6-7)

God revealed in the Bible has never wanted – not from Israel of old, not from us grafted into Israel’s roots today – merely the keeping of and agreement with .

When the of our faith is primarily the external, two things almost always happen at the same time.

Externally focused people are usually and .

There is a lack of grace and love though the foundation of what we have is based on the goodness, loving-kindness and mercy of God.

Externally focused people are usually .

brings what is excellent and profitable.

Excellent and profitable are the result of against obligation, duty and mere externals, the overflow of my heart growing in love for Him because I’m learning more and more the depths of His love for me. (Mt. 22:37-39)

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