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breeds .

is the enemy of presence.

The kind of fear – the foundation of all that is smart and wise - is the fear of the Lord. (Ps. 112:1; Acts 9:31)

The of the Lord and the of the Lord are two sides of the same coin.

We cannot have one without the other, or that which we have is .

When we say yes to be Jesus’ follower, we can have on the day of judgment that we have been delivered from God’s wrath.
 (1 Jn. 4:17-18)

But we do not the fear of the Lord. (Mt. 28:8)

The fear of the Lord is an ancient way to say we are in of God. (Acts 2:43)

You would think the utter awe of God – the fear of the Lord - would be the thing in the world to have because of the overwhelming nature of who He is.

But we know that just the is true.

Just like David and the priests, the more we’re around the things of God, the can become .

The answer is to ask for an ongoing, increasing revelation of the greatness of God, to ask, seek and knock for the Father to show us .

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