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By being willing to fight one giant and possibly his posse as well, David actually the of others. (1 Chron. 20:4-8)

My battle against my giants isn’t just about .

Fear causes us to from our . (1 Sam. 17:24)

Deep within we know reality. I’m not in control! And then fear becomes this force in my life.

of 125 commands given by Jesus are “do not fear,”, “fear not,” or “have courage.”

The command “do not fear” is found times in the Bible.

The fear of the Lord from . (Ps. 115:11; 33:8)

It is where we get deep within us God is not just out of love willing to provide and protect. to handle all things. (Ps. 33:8)

He is .

He is .

He is .

It comes when we meditate on the vastness, complexities and intricacies of .

It comes when we look at the about Jesus.

It comes as I look at a that shouts sin must be punished and justice must be served.

The and the of the Lord are two sides of the same coin. (Lk. 12:4-7)

Growing in the fear of the Lord causes us to tremble - to bow - to serve - to be in awe. to provide and protect.

Growing in the love of the Lord causes us to draw near and come close, finding joy that only comes in His presence. to provide and protect. (Ps.23)

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