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Genealogies remind us God’s for the Jewish people and promises that impact the world.

It is clear that as salvation came from Jerusalem so the to come will happen from Jerusalem as Jewish eyes are opened to their Messiah. (Rm. 11:12)

Genealogies also tell us that God what man does not.

God every person whose name will never be recorded in a history book or celebrated by any except those closest to them.

Jabez prayed that God would bless him – take him beyond where he was (enlarge my territory) – that “I might .”

God wants to bless each of us to .

“To bless in the biblical sense means to ask for or to impart supernatural .” Bruce Wilkinson

What if we walked the “ that leads to life” to which Jesus referred?

And what if it all started simply by praying this prayer every day?

Father, would you bless me . Enlarge my territory. Would your hand be with me, and may I be a blessing 
to many!

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