The majority of people in Abilene, Texas do not know Jesus. That reality is stirring the heart of Beltway Park to act, to move, to GO and take the good news of Jesus to our city.

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God Meets Us

By Lucas West // Posted January 2nd, 2015

I’ll never forget my first Sunday at Beltway Park. It was August of 2007, and I had just arrived in Abilene to attend school at ACU. I was extremely excited for the adventures that lay ahead of me. However, as I pulled into the missive parking lot something completely unexpected hit me.

All in one moment, it hit me that none of the people I loved and knew so well from my church-family back home would be here. Most people wait till ministry time to cry, but that day I was a complete mess of tears before I could even make it to the front door. Looking at the ground, I stumbled into the Worship Center, trying to hide the obvious fact I’d been crying like a little girl. It was then I heard these words:

I search for You God of strength,
I bow to You in my brokenness,
And no other king could have so humbly come
To save my soul and heal my heart

There in the midst of God’s people worshiping, suddenly, it was if God Himself came face-to-face with me, to reassure me of some glorious truths. Though I felt alone, He was with me. Though I was brokenhearted, He was my strength. And though I was sinful, Jesus humbly came to save my soul. God met with me in an unmistakable and personal way that morning. But it doesn’t stop there.

lucas-west-selfieI believe God desires to meet with every lost, hurting and hopeless person who shows up at Beltway Park. This is one of the reasons I am so excited to be the worship pastor at the North Campus! I look forward to exalting Jesus Christ with you all week in and week out and watching God work the impossible among us.

Lucas West
North Campus Worship Pastor

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Update on Building Process

By Leighton Lockett // Posted August 28th, 2014

We wanted to share some of the pictures we have of how the building is coming along. If you haven’t had the chance to drive out and see the progress, we encourage you to. It is really exciting to see everything coming together and know that in a few short months we will be worshiping together at Beltway North.

2014-08-28 10.14.31 2014-08-28 10.16.57 2014-08-28 10.16.38 2014-08-28 10.16.12

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Being a Missional Family

By Tim Cox, North Campus Children's Pastor // Posted July 16th, 2014

So, you’re on the North Campus Core Team?  Are you bringing your family?  In that case I believe that God has called your family to be a “Missional Family.”

What is a Missional Family?  I believe that a Missional Family is one that mobilizes their entire family to reach out to others in many aspects of life.  It doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to travel to foreign countries; however, you have servant hearts and feel led to share your possessions, live hospitably, serve together at church, and engage in a Gospel-centered lifestyle.

I think that a lot of times people want to be “missional” but feel they cannot work it into their busy family and work schedule.  However, it is actually not a matter of scheduling ministry because God’s mission is our entire lives.  Your home, neighborhood, workplace, school, daycare, favorite eateries, and the tons of other places you go is your mission field.

Now that we are GO-ing north, it’s critical to remember that our kids are not simply in tow or along for the ride.  Rather, our kids have the potential to be the catalyst that reaches more people and have more impact for the Kingdom than I believe any of us can imagine.  Let’s be parents that disciple them and include them.  Let’s learn together how to be the Missional Families that God has called us to be.

Over the next several months leading up to our campus opening, my passion will be supporting you, as parents, in teaching our kids what it means to be a member of a Missional Family.  Click here for practical ways to engage your children in becoming a “Missional Family”.


Tim Cox
North Campus Children’s Pastor

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By Tim Cox // Posted July 9th, 2014


Looking at the generation that is coming up and being able to pour into their lives is something that is a gift from God in my life that I am overwhelmingly grateful for. Now, I know that I am biased because I get to work with the Children’s Ministry of Beltway North, but I want to share with you why I believe that Children’s Ministry is such a vitally important ministry in our church.



We talk about it often, but sometimes we don’t really take the time to realize that these kids are the leaders of the next generation and my heart is that we pour into them so that they realize they can change their world now and for generations to come. What I appreciate so much and what excites me the most is that we can have a genuine influence through helping these kids grow in their walk with Christ simply by loving on and building relationships with them.


I have often seen limitations put on kids simply due to their age. We want to build a community that fosters a relationship with God that is so real that they go out and minister to their families, their friends, their teachers, and whomever else is in their life.



Let me close with a quick story and a big challenge. A few weeks ago in the Sunday Kids Park worship service I stood worshiping with the kids and stopped for a moment as I realized the influence that God allows me to have every week on these kids. Seeing them grow. Being there when they hurt. Laughing and crying together. Being there as they give their lives to God and then watching them share their faith with others who decide to follow Jesus too. Listening to them pray for each other and then having them pray over me and then being moved as the Spirit stirred my heart. All these things and more are what are happening at Beltway South and are what are going to happen at Beltway North in the Children’s ministry. My challenge is for you to pray and see if God might be calling you to be a part of this ministry and experience this too.


Tim Cox – Children’s Pastor

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Concrete Foundation Poured

By Leighton Lockett // Posted July 2nd, 2014

2014-07-02 08.35.50 2014-07-02 08.36.05



The foundation of Beltway North was finished this week.  Prayerfully within the next few weeks the steel will arrive and the church building will start taking shape. I would encourage you to go see the process and take a minute to thank God for blessing us the way He is. This is an exciting season! Have a great fourth of July.



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Cookout and Swim Party

By Leighton Lockett // Posted June 26th, 2014

We want to thank all of you who were able and took the time to attend our cookout and swim party. We had a great time and it was exciting to get to know so many people going to the North side. God is doing great things!

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Time for Fun

By Leighton Lockett // Posted June 15th, 2014


For those who have felt called to be a part of the North Campus CORE Team, we have some really fun and exciting events to help build relationships with each other.  I want to make sure that everyone, even if you are still praying and considering being a part, knows about the Cookout and Swim Party on June 21st, at The Dive Spot (1701 Lytle Trail).  Don’t worry if you have no desire to swim or galavant around in a swimsuit.  The Dive Spot has a ton of other fun things to do plus we’ll have burgers, hot dogs, drinks (and for those who might not be a “burgers and dogs” person, we will have our very own Shaved Ice Shack!).

Let me tell you why this event, and the others we will have, are so important. We want to be a church family that genuinely cares for everyone who comes to the North Campus. This starts with caring for each other, and to care for each other it takes just a little step to begin to know each other.

We are starting on a journey that can change our lives forever, but this adventure starts with each of us taking the time to invest in each other to help us become part of a team that really impacts the Kingdom.  We would love to have you at these incredible opportunities to get this journey started. Let’s take the time to step out of our comfort zones, have fun, and grow together.

To make sure we have enough food for everyone, RSVP for the Cookout and Swim Party by clicking here.

If you are not part of the Core Team it is as simple as clicking here and signing up.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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North Campus Leadership Announcement

By Keith Roberson, North Campus Pastor // Posted June 5th, 2014

larry-brunner2-215x215bob-eagle2-215x215I can say one of the great experiences of my time with Beltway Park has been watching and serving under the leadership of Beltway Park.  Our Elders serve so faithfully and with a fervor that I consider unmatched in this day and age.

More than a year and a half ago our Elders began to sense a leading of the Lord to extend the reach of our church into new areas of Abilene.  From that searching of the Lord was born the GO Mission and our North Campus.  I have been astounded to watch the vision for reaching people take shape over that time and I’ve been honored to see our Elders labor in prayer for God’s perfect direction and timing.

Part of that investment in prayer was asking God who from among our Elders were being called to be a part of this new work from Beltway Park.  Like many of our people who have been praying, seeking and counting the cost for making a move to be a part of the North Campus, we are honored to tell you that two of our Elders, Bob Eagle and Larry Brunner, have also answered that call and will be making their home with the North Campus.

I can tell you these men, along with their wives, Laurie and Denise, will bring a tremendous amount of wisdom, passion, and leadership as we continue to grow this work the Lord has set before us.  They are incredible servants of the Lord and will bless our campus with their hunger to make Jesus known in our city.

Suffice to say, we are elated that both of these men and their wives are coming to be a part of this campus.  The Lord continues to build an incredible team of faithful servants to accomplish His purposes in north Abilene.  I thank the Lord for all He has done and all He is going to do in the days ahead!

If you also are sensing a calling to be a part of our new campus, you can join our CORE team.

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Forming Foundations

By Leighton Lockett, Associate Pastor // Posted April 19th, 2014

I drove out to the future site of Beltway North with Melissa, my wife, today. We took pictures and talked about what is going to be. Here is where the entrance will be, this is where our offices will be, we are standing where the indoor playground will be.  There is so much in the two words, “will be”. I read an article this morning by Beau Crosetto, the Greater Los Angeles director for Greek Intervarsity. He writes, “Foundations are not breathtaking like skyscrapers are. They are messy, flat and forming. At their best they are a platform on which tall structures can be built.”

As you take a moment to look through a few pics I took this morning (there is a reason I am a pastor and not a photographer) think through the foundations that God is forming for the North Campus. We can see the building, really not all that exciting so far, but He is also changing those of us that will be a part of the ministry there. Forming a foundation in each of us so that He can use us to impact the north side of Abilene in life changing ways!

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CORE Team Interest Meetings

By Leighton Lockett, Associate Pastor // Posted April 4th, 2014

IMG_0127If you were not able to attend our recent CORE Team Interest meetings we are excited to announce the dates for our next two.  They will be Sunday, May 4th and Wednesday May 7th. These meetings are a great time for you to hear the heart of Beltway for the North Campus and to see the ways that you can help serve. We look forward to seeing you there.

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